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AAA has reset the way Basketball Finals are done. See the thread on Killer Crossover Board
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The 2018-19 sports season has a bit left. State track has just completed and several team sports begin the chase at State this coming week
Fearless Friday congratulates all the AR HS athletes who are graduating this year.

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Fearless Friday 1st Week Predictions
Monday's Games Sheridan (6A-#8) vs. Warren (4A-#1) at UAPB … Warren Central Arkansas Christian (4A-#2) vs. Dollarway (4A-#3) at UAPB RPS Closer Look: The numbers did not add up after rolling in back in early July. CAC is a fast starter and Dollarway has a plate full of land mines on the schedule that could take the Cardinals to as many as four defeats before they get their first win. This could very well be Dollarway’s best chance to win before a Sept. 28 game with Dumas. CAC drummed Dollarway last year and, unlike many precision passing teams, the Mustangs are capable of playing high-caliber football at the season’s outset. Projection: CAC.
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When Phil Rizzuto passed away last week, Little Rock Catholic head coach Ellis Register couldn't help but notice.
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It will take a monumental effort in 2007 to top last year's high school football season as far as drama, excitement and individual performances. The 2006 season even began in unusual fashion
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Clark Watkins knows all about that monster called Fordyce Redbug football tradition because he helped feed it. Watkins led the Redbugs to back-to-back state titles as the quarterback in 1990 and 1991. Now Watkins takes over the helm of one of the most tradition-rich programs in the state.
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INAUGURAL ALL-FEARLESS FRIDAY PRE-SEASON FOOTBALL TEAM OFFENSE QB-Tyler Wilson (6-3, 185), Greenwood RB-Dennis Johnson (5-8, 180), Texarkana RB-DeAnthony Curtis (5-10, 209), Camden Fairview R-Joe Adams (6-1, 180), Central Arkansas Christian R-Cruz Williams (6-4, 205), Pulaski Academy
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Fearless Friday Preseason 3A Top Ten
With football being a timed game, it makes sense that timing is everything in football. For Shiloh Christian, the timing could not have been more perfect in 2006.
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Zac McCauley of Benton didn’t win a single event in the 4th Annual Sonic Top Gun Quarterback Challenge, but he was consistent throughout the two-day event and easily won the overall competition that wrapped up on Friday at Springdale’s Jarrell Williams Stadium.
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Fearless Friday Class 4A Preview
While Texarkana is the surest thing to win a state title on paper, Warren winning the Class 4A state title probably makes the most sense. The one biggest obstacle for the Lumberjacks is that they're playing among a group of 4A teams that is, as it has been the past few years, stacked. And the 'Jacks play in one of the two best leagues.
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2A Preseason Predictions
Oh, most of us know where Earle is. But it wasn't there when we looked this year. Along about Class 2A, magazine-makers who charge us 17 bucks a pop got a little lazy and duplicated one team's page at the expense of taking out another team.
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Here’s the lowdown in the subset of Class 7A that we call 6A football.
There are three good teams in Class 6A, several more that have the potential to contend and then there are a few that wouldn’t make it through two rounds of the Class 3A Playoffs.

Grading the Class 5A field is like handicapping a horse race. It’s almost always that way.

Bacon Bits – (Un)Stirring The Melting Pot
I remember well being a senior in high school. It was a time of future promise, a time to make great friends and enjoy the freedom that comes with fewer responsibilities. It was a time to explore the wilderness of life and begin to chase my dreams. And I had many hours each day within which to do this.

First, the bombshell of this year's rankings has nothing to do with which team is ranked No. 1. The bombshell is something you can't see: It's that Class 6A Texarkana will be the No. 1 team in Arkansas to start the 2007 season.
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Campbell Center of Attention
Wynne's Don Campbell allowed his assistant coaches and players to run the new-fangled Spread offense in the 52nd Annual Arkansas Coaches Association All-Star Football game on Friday night.
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Whitmore ' Winner' according to Malzahn
FAYETTEVILLE -- A.J. Whitmore is a perfect fit for Gus Malzahn and Tulsa. The Nashville quarterback verbally committed to Kansas State early but changed his mind shortly after Malzahn left Arkansas and joined Todd Graham's staff at the University of Tulsa in December.
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Some Stars A No-Show
FAYETTEVILLE - Noticeably absent this week from the Arkansas High School Coaches Association All-Star football game will be Pulaski Academy's Stefan Loucks and Broderick Green, Rogers' Cody Kirby and Lee Ziemba, and Northside's Kodi Burns.
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Shootout of the South
One of the top 7-on-7 football competitions in the country returns to west Little Rock this Friday and Saturday, June 15 and 16 at the Mighty Bluebird Complex.
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Arkansas High School Football - a constant state of evolution
Just like anything else, Arkansas high school football evolves. Twenty years ago, one would usually see predominately running formations such as the I, wishbone or wing T on Friday nights at most high school stadiums thru out the state of Arkansas.

Drew Central Starts Up Again After 57 Years
After the football team sat idle for 57 years, Drew Central will play its first home football game against Parkers Chapel on August 30 at UAM to begin the season. "It's a special opportunity," said Barbaree, who officially begins his duties on June 4. "It's an opportunity to start a football program from the ground up."

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