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Shifty 5:
There are some people on here trying to disguise the fact that they are from Murfreesboro or at least Mboro fans by having names like, oh I don't know Panther 07. You're not fooling anyone. Be proud of your school and your team. Come on have some Rattler pride. You should change your name. You could change it to something like ummmmm Rattler 07. Yeah Yeah, that's a good one. Anyway, support your team. Don't be ashamed. Fouke won't send the Monster after you for simply changing your name, and why such a beef with Foreman? Somebody must have done you wrong over here. You have to wipe the nacho cheese off your face BEFORE you talk to the Foreman girls if you want them to be interested! We have plenty of napkins at our concession stand!!

I think people have a right to choose what name they please...its not that they dont support mboro its cause people on here rag on mboro so much u cant post without being ragged on

What a dumb topic

Shifty 5:

--- Quote from: rattlerband06 on August 31, 2006, 08:26:11 pm ---What a dumb topic

--- End quote ---

Go toot on your trumpet band nerd

What does it matter if it is Turley or not It does not seem to bother the people from Murfreesboro just you and a few from Dierks


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