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Is there a limit on the number of student-atheletes that can compete at MOC?  A young man just told me (and he finished 2nd in his event) his coach said that they were full and someone would have to drop out for him to get to go.  Just wondering if someone has other info? Thanks

Not positive but I believe each champion of their classification in each event goes, and then the next best times or distances or heights, etc.  Not sure how many that is but it may just be 8 total.

From the AAA handbook:

 There shall be SIXTEEN INVITEES in each event for the Meet of Champs. INVITATIONS
shall be the winners of each event in each state meet. This shall include
first place ties. The remaining slots to make up the field of SIXTEEN, shall be determined
from the next best performances from the state finals as ranked in an integrated
list of all classifications.

AAA dont care about the kids in track! They made the 6A run in a rainstorm and then in the second round of field events they had kids  doing field events and running the finals at the same time!! I know all the kids in the Long Jump didnt even do there final three jumps because the running started! Not fair for the kids to try to qualify for the Meet of Champs

Just to piggy back off of what groundhawg said:

The first invites go to these 16 athletes (or relays):

1. 7A winner in that event
2. 6A winner
3. 5A Winner
4. 4A Winner
5. 3A Winner
6. 2A Winner
7. 1A Winner

The next 9 go to the nine best marks or times ONLY happening at the state meet, so like Hogman said, if you have bad conditions at your state meet and the others didn't...tough luck.

8. 1st fastest time/mark not a winner
9. 2nd fastest
10. 3rd fastest
11. 4th fastest
12. 5th fastest
13. 6th fastest
14. 7th fastest
15. 8th fastest
16. 9th fastest

A few caveats: Ties are broken by place first. Ties usually happen in High Jump and Pole Vault. If 2 kids jumped 6' 2" and they are vying for the final spot, whoever placed highest in their meet gets the invite. If it is still tied, they give the invite to the kid who is in the classification with the least invites.

Also, you must have placed at your meet. So a 9th place finisher could technically have the 8th next best time, but not be invited because they did not place.


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