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Author Topic: Live Stat Links  (Read 552 times)

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Live Stat Links
« on: March 07, 2018, 08:35:21 pm »
1A           Izard County vs. Guy Perkins            http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/1ab/xlive.htm (Sat: 7:45)
2A           Earle vs. Marked Tree                        http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/2ab/xlive.htm (Thurs: 7:45)
3A           McGehee vs Drew Central                                http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/3ab/xlive.htm (Fri: 2:30)
4A           Westside vs. Baptist Prep                  http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/4ab/xlive.htm (Sat: 4:15)
5A           Parkview vs. Mills                                                http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/5ab/xlive.htm (Fri: 6:00)
6A           West Memphis vs. Jonesboro           http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/6ab/xlive.htm (Sat: 12:45)
7A           NLR vs. Northside                               http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/7ab/xlive.htm (Thurs: 4:15)
1A           Mt. Vernon-Enola vs. Wonderview   http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/1ag/xlive.htm (Sat: 2:30)
2A           Quitman vs Earle                                 http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/2ag/xlive.htm (Thurs: 6:00)
3A           Mountain View vs Charleston           http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/3ag/xlive.htm (Fri: 4:15)
4A           CAC vs Riverview                                http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/4ag/xlive.htm (Fri: 7:45)
5A           Hot Springs vs. Watson Chapel        http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/5ag/xlive.htm (Sat: 6:00)
6A           Jonesboro vs Greenwood                                http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/6ag/xlive.htm (Sat: 11:00)
7A           NLR vs. Conway                                  http://fac.hsu.edu/mitchet/livestats/aaa/bk/7ag/xlive.htm  (Thurs: 2:30)


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