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Prayer Request for my daughter updated Fall 2018

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This Saturday my Daughter goes and plays for the shot to go to state in the Texas UIL Music Solo Piano competition. Here in Texas for some strange reason you can only advance to State in Piano as a SR. She earned UIL Straight 1's the past 2 years.  If she gets all ones this Saturday she gets to go to Austin for the State Completion and could win a State Music Scholarship in Piano with a Top 5 finish.
Thanks for your Prayers that she does her best , She played and memories 6 pages of Mozart Music for this competition.

Best of luck to your daughter, Lions84!  May she leave all the judges with a tear in their eyes from lovely melodies!

NEA Razorback olfan:
Prayers for your daughter and safe travels!!

Thanks we got a 30 minute drive to the event center at Crowley HS in Crowley Texas.

Thanks every one she played a College level Mozart Piece and the Judge gave her a 2 so she will not be advancing. Her Piano Instructor who has a Masters in Music said the Judge was too harsh and she should have gotten a one.   Mark up my opposition to judging from the Olympics down to HS Music.


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