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Author Topic: Arkansas at Florida  (Read 7351 times)

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Re: Arkansas at Florida
« Reply #50 on: February 06, 2016, 03:21:34 pm »
That's the thing. People like myself saying we have players that aren't p5 talent on our roster is being mistaken as me bashing the team. That is fact. Take it how you want it but we have got to seal the deal somehow on top talent. How. Don't know.

P5 doesn't mean a whole lot in basketball, go back and look at your brackets the last few years. I've said it until I'm tired of saying, MA needs a recruiter on his staff, he has family and loyalty. And as far as the guys playing, they are what they are, it's MA's fault not to have a roster full of better players.

Big east isn't a P5 conference....I'd love to see arkansas with what they have...3 top 10 teams and only 2 schools are below .500 in their conference....


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