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Author Topic: 1st Annual Tyrell Johnson Football Camp July 20th, Rison High School  (Read 3185 times)

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Tyrell Johnson's Skill & Development Football Camp



9:00 a.m. ? Registration (pass t-shirts out)

9:40 a.m. Coaches meet, Divide Groups Jr high7th -9th Sr High10th ? 12th

10:00 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. (20mins) Stretch and Warm up
jr high on one side of 50. Senior high on opposite side

10:20a.m water (if need)

10:20 a.m. -11:20 a.m. (60 mins) 15 mins each

STATIONS (Tackling teach & Stripping, blocking and rushing,
reactionary movement, throwing & catching)

11:20 a.m. -11:35 a.m. (15 mins) Break

11:40 a.m.- 12:40p.m. (60 mins) 20 mins each

(5-10-5, 40 teach, at end 3-cone competition)

12:40p.m.-12:50p.m. (10mins)Water

12:50p.m. ? 1:20p.m. (30 mins) 7on7 one on one with line men
Depending on groups and time

1:20p.m. -1:25p.m. water and get seated

1:25p.m. -1:40p.m. Speakers on 5 topics two mins a piece

Points of Emphasis: Leadership, Confidence, Communication, Being smart,
Hard work, Decisions, and Patience

1:40p.m. Conclusion hand out awards! 3 cone competition, Hustle award!


More details and registration info for campers on http://www.tyrelljohnson.com

FYI: Schedule may change do to unforeseen circumstances..


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