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Do they have a chance to 3peat?

Razorback Red:
Sure they do, but it will be tough.  FHS always has talent and they will be well Coached, but replacing a player like TP is never easy.  They've had quite the run of QB's with BA, AA and TP.

With only 16 teams in 7A (and you can eliminate 6-8 them prior to the season starting), that is solid odds if the ball bounces the right way. 

Personally, I would give them the 5th best odds of winning it all going into the season behind HB, BHS, Bryant and NLR.

Will definitely be well coached

The path will be very difficult not just by losing Powell but that senior class was special. They have the talent but unknown players will have to step up and do it fast. Some good factors that will help reach their 3peat goal are:
1. Coach Dawson (name speaks for himself)
2. Tough nonconference schedule (battled tested early)
3. Bryant as an early opponent (may see them again)
4. The games that matter the most start in November (playoffs)

Rob Van Winkle:
They travel to Greenwood on Monday for a benefit game. Should be a good measuring stick for both teams.


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