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Razorback Red:
Can the Wildcats D overcome a key loss on the offensive side of the ball?

at Southside
at Jeff City, MO
Jenks, OK
at Springdale
at Bentonville
Bentonville West
at Fayetteville
Van Buren
at Heritage

All three key conf games in back-to-back-to-back weeks. 

Razorback Red:
I cannot believe there is not any talk on that week 3 home game vs. Jenks.  Harber hung with Jenks for 3Q's last fall.  I really hope fans pack the stadium for this game.  Would love to see HB find a way to pull this one out, would be a huge win for AR HS football. 

Rob Van Winkle:
This is definitely a marquee matchup and one that Har=Ber neds to win, especially at home. HB moved the ball very well against Jenks last year. Defense got put in a couple of tough spots early in the 2nd half of last years game and that is what turned things around. Jenks lost several key skill players but I am sure that in typical Jenks fashion they will just reload.

Should be another great game and hopefully HB pulls out the win.

HarBer Dad:
Key loss meaning Trey Smith graduating or did I miss something this summer?


--- Quote from: HarBer Dad on August 17, 2017, 04:01:49 pm ---Key loss meaning Trey Smith graduating or did I miss something this summer?

--- End quote ---
Yea he along with some others will be missed but HarBer should still be ok.


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