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3A Basketball / Re: Scores Week of 11/27
« Last post by Radiotalker on Today at 09:32:20 am »
The same can be said about Manila IQ in football. It's funny how you get on here trying to down Rcrest basketball, Question for you Mr IQ man and this should be really easy for you. Which school from Mississippi Co. in the 3-3A has won the last State title for this conference.(hint it was in 2011 their colors are Red and Gray} You might be surprise :o. lol ;D ;D
Win one first then you can talk ;D
#Crest win state in all sports.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

and now cheerleading
3A Basketball / Re: Rivercrest vs Manila last night game
« Last post by Baller_34 on Today at 09:26:10 am »
I wasn't there but I seen enough ball to know the difference in playing dirty and playing physical. Sounds like it was a lot dirty play from what I'm hearing.
3A Basketball / Re: 3A/4A East Blended Conference Standings
« Last post by Baller_34 on Today at 09:24:11 am »
I knew he was out my friend and he is no where near there best player.
Foreman--Lawrence Hamilton (Broadway uActor that performed for Reagan and the Pope)
My Cousin !!! Rest in peace

Mount Ida--Mark Davis professional fisherman
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: What about next year?
« Last post by Hoghead2 on Today at 08:51:57 am »
Just seems that dropping down doesnít translate into domination as easily as some think. Thereís recently dropped down schools who can tell you.
Iím sure Texarkana will be good. Should be interesting, you named off half their losses who were the other three ?
Texarkana isn't Watson Chapel. This team coming into 5A has weapons and a defense. I see them as a strong finisher. PA is the monster of 5A. Texarkana will have a problem with them. But the Hogs will be tough. Barry Norton tough !!!
1A Basketball / Re: Best player in boys and girls basketball 1A
« Last post by Oxford Cat on Today at 08:48:42 am »
Sorry to ruin everoneís day, but Cooper wonít turn 17 until second semester. Your teams get to compete against him 2.5 more years. Good luck with that.
1A Basketball / Re: Best player in boys and girls basketball 1A
« Last post by Central Ark on Today at 08:48:18 am »
He played on the Wings 15u EYBL circuit this summer
1A Basketball / Re: Big Games for 1 A Today
« Last post by lineman76 on Today at 08:48:14 am »
A loss like this for both can help IMO,  the loss is in the books. No pressure to play for an undefeated season and a loss out of state affects nothing but the L you see on the column.
i agree
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Bauxite Miners
« Last post by BigLion10 on Today at 08:27:48 am »
Gorilla Zoe, you mean??
1A Basketball / Re: Best player in boys and girls basketball 1A
« Last post by dunkman on Today at 08:02:27 am »
So the big question is he going to turn 19 before August 1st of senior year? If so he's just got one year left.
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