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Title: See an error on a schedule? Here's how to report it!
Post by: Douglas on July 21, 2011, 05:07:23 pm
Do NOT start any posts directly in this forum: They WILL be removed if a report is not filed within the automation system I've assembled.

Here's the step by step instructions on how to report a problem with any game schedule you come across where you feel an error has been made.  This utility is limited to REGISTERED FORUM MEMBERS that are LOGGED INTO the forums.

The way to access this is to go into a school's profile, go into the SCORING HISTORY section. To the right of each year is a "REPORT PROBLEM" link.

That will take you to a page where that specific year's schedule is listed. You'll also see a "Game ID" associated with each line.  Click on the checkbox or the game ID to select the games you are reporting.

In the text box below, describe the problem you caught.  Be as detailed as possible, please. Note that the information you post into the text box will be associated with each game you checked off.

It will then generate a report, posting it on our Schedule Error Reports (http://gridironhistory.com/forums/index.php?board=69) forum, and you will then be able to track the end result of your report.

This will also flag both the public and Admin side with a fancy (http://fearlessfriday.com/images/legend/important.gif) so you will be able to immediately identify games that have issues assigned to them.

You can also hover your mouse over any fancy (http://fearlessfriday.com/images/legend/important.gif) icon you see on the schedule to see what the reported issue(s) are.

If you have a FIX for a game that has a (http://fearlessfriday.com/images/legend/important.gif) on its line, go ahead and report it as if you were reporting a problem and provide the fix that way.  We'll see all info for that game and will fix it at that point.

If you're reporting a missing game, please indicate the home team, the away team, the year, the date, the game week, if it's a conference game, Overtime, forfeit, etc etc etc. We need as much information as possible to ensure accuracy.

* Please do not use this form for discussions unrelated to bug reports.  This forum needs to be STRICTLY for reporting schedule issues, using the methodology above.

* Any posts that are not specifically tied to schedule corrections will be removed.

* Any post that comes in that is NOT sent in from the actual reporting utility will be removed.

* Any problem report that does not give enough detail to actually fix the schedule issue will be removed.

For the four asterisked items above, see reply #2 below.

Once we have fixed an issue, we'll change the post icon to a green checkmark (like you see above). Solved issues will be removed within 10 days of fixes being put in.

Title: Re: See an error on a schedule? Here's how to report it!
Post by: Douglas on August 19, 2012, 10:54:36 pm
The reporting (and suggested fixes) policy/procedure above has been updated.  Please re-read the above post to see how things are now handled with the new FF Version 3 Site. :)
Title: Re: See an error on a schedule? Here's how to report it!
Post by: Douglas on August 23, 2012, 02:32:11 pm
I cannot begin to tell you how much time is lost by the people fixing schedule issues due to people posting the most unhelpful info.

Simply posting "the whole year is messed up" or "the game is wrong" without any detail does not help us fix the issue.

I hate to draw the line on the four bulleted items in the original post, but if you cannot submit a proper schedule error report, you will be banned from even utilizing the schedule reporting system. The code is not in place currently, but I can drop it in REAL quick.

Please, use the reporting system as it's designed. It really WILL save us a lot of work later on down the line.