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Pit bull it was close game to late when Earle played Salem. Cedar Ridge play with you guys until late in 3rd quarter right guess you not the super team neither.

The Refs held y’all in this one bro, “held” is a key word, the Thunderbirds “held” #58 everyplay on offense, but no calls...
I bet when Earle win by a huge margin you all will put them in the top 3

You were right Trill
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Newport vs Rivercrest
« Last post by Coltfan2005 on Today at 01:50:45 am »
colts can not beat Osceola with this lineup in the secondary. Two players just not fast enough to play against the pass. Defensive play calling was just not good. Thankfully the greyhounds went to ball and clock control in second half.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Alma at Harrison 2017
« Last post by Go Postal on Today at 01:26:31 am »
Fixed it.
Plus their line didn’t impress me, Henderson is tough, he should figure out a way to become a Bulldog next season to get maximized to his full potential. You know, get some SEC looks....
1A Basketball / Re: Guy Perkins the team to beat in the 1A?
« Last post by thebigman3 on Today at 01:12:05 am »
You talking about the Guiden dude that Hutch shafted so bad!! That Guiden brother! What a guy that Hutch!
Do what? I'm talking about both of them, but one got into coaching. He coached Junior High at Guy for like 3 years then left and is now at Dewitt. He coaches seniors there.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 5A West - 2017
« Last post by Almatrackster on Today at 01:11:36 am »
Five weeks of conference play has brought...1 percent more clarity?

1. Greenbrier (4-1) - 41 TB Points
1. Alma (4-1) - 40 TB Points
3. Harrison (3-2) - 27 TB Points - 1-0 vs Farmington, Morrilton, and Maumelle
3. Farmington (3-2) - 23 TB Points - 1-0 vs Harrison, Morrilton, and Maumelle
5. Morrilton (3-2) - 29 TB Points - 1-1 vs. Harrison, Farmington, and Maumelle
6. Maumelle (3-2) - 29 TB Points - 0-2 vs. Harrison, Farmington, and Morrilton
7. Clarksville (0-5)
7. Vilonia (0-5)

Alma and Greenbrier got some big wins and had some help with the Maumelle loss to put them in first place. Harrison is in a precarious position right now. No one is guaranteed a playoff spot, but Harrison just lost two home games and has to play Farmington and Maumelle. Farmington got the big win they needed, but will probably need one more big one against Morrilton. Morrilton got a lot of help with Farmington beating Maumelle but probably would have liked Alma to lose instead of Harrison since Morrilton beat Alma. Maumelle is probably in the worst position out of the top 6 (we thought 5 jockeying for 4 playoff spots was crazy, how about 6?!) right now. They need a big win these last two weeks in a big way...maybe two wins. One win and some chaos.

Clarksville and Vilonia are going to play for 7th place.

Week 6 of conference play...

Alma (4-1) vs. Greenbrier (4-1) - Some people might call this the conference championship. If Greenbrier wins, I certainly think they will win against Vilonia week 10 and take the 1 see and conference. If Alma wins, I think they Maumelle could still very well ruin Alma's bid for the 1 seed. So perhaps it isn't as simple as "conference championship" but it certainly would put a team one win away from a solo conference championship and a 1 seed. The loser would still probably have to wonder about their playoff spot...Greenbrier less so.

Clarksville (0-5) vs. Vilonia (0-5) - From one extreme to the next. I don't have too much to say here, other than can Vilonia win a conference game this year? I didn't see them going winless in conference, but Clarksville's improvement has to be cause to make you think they could very well go winless (the Eagles that is). Playing for 7th place here.

Maumelle (3-2) vs. Harrison (3-2) - Talk about two desperate teams. Maumelle with a loss would be sitting on the outside of the playoff picture in all likelihood. If Harrison loses, they would be sitting on the outside looking in, but would have more hope...but still they don't want to go down that road. Both are reeling from two straight losses and trying to right the ship. Let's call this the Survival Game.

Morrilton (3-2) vs. Farmington (3-2) - Wow, who thought this game would mean so much? Another Survival Game...Part II. The loser would have to win week 10 and probably hope for some stuff to happen to make the playoffs.

A very important week in the 5A West. I think we will actually get some seperation...but I've been thinking that every week. All of these look like they could be good games except perhaps Morrilton and Farmington, but I think the Cards bring the fight knowing what they could do with a win.
Man MARION is garbage I thought they had a good offense
Hope to see a rematch in the state championship game. This was a good game
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hampton @ Rison
« Last post by razorcardsfan11 on Today at 01:08:28 am »
Winner gets the number 2 seed. I don’t think it will be close. Rison will win by 20+
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