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Arkansas High School Softball / Re: Equal coverage for softball
« Last post by Gray lizard on Today at 10:09:39 am »
I enjoy girls softball.  And the school my son attends even won the State Championship. But many of the games are played at times hard for a lot of fans to attend.  I really wanted to take my son to see his school compete for a State title.  The game was on a Friday at 5 pm 2 1/2 hours away.  I did go see most of the same girls play in a championship game in basketball.  Game was at I time I could go on a Saturday.
I also do not think your comment the girls work harder is fair.  You have some kids that will work and some that will not.   It is not a boy or girl thing. I know my son works very hard year around to get better.  I just took him to a full contact football camp in Texas last week.  He is going into the 8th grade and 114 lbs.  He was put with the older boys. Boys 14 to going into the 12th grade.  He learned a lot from the 4 day camp.  Most important thing was how to get up and keep going.  He proved to me how tough he is as he plays running back.
Class 6A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 6A West
« Last post by Wildcat Football on Today at 10:07:46 am »
This ranking is a good start.  Texarkana is about to make some noise this year.  We have a favorable schedule.   If we don't hit the ground rolling to start the season, we'll definitely be a team no one wants to see in the postseason.
With a proven winner like Barry Norton, I'm sort of glad to see Texarkana moving to 5A in 2018-2020 cycle.  This team will compete with the athletes there, just need a motivator and, good lord, they win the state track meet every year.  You can't teach speed!
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hootens Magazine
« Last post by AirWarren on Today at 09:54:45 am »
One thing that always bothers me is all the talk of power house programs.  It is no doubt the talent pool is heavy down South.  The lack of discipline is also a major factor. It would not surprise me to see a team like PR step up and take a few championships.  Every year they advance in the playoffs they become more of a threat.  If they keep it up they will have a up year in talent and the discipline will be there.  That will result in a state title. 

I see many Southern teams loaded with talent consistently beat by less talented teams due to lack of discipline.  Booneville did it. There is no reason PR can't.

Several years ago, they did a story on Booneville. This year they did a story on Russellville.
Has anyone seen it yet?

Bought it yesterday in Russellville...
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: AAA issues
« Last post by HorseFeathers on Today at 09:45:48 am »

If AAA is trying to promote a sense of accomplishments to reason that athletic contests are conducted for the purpose of determining the better team or individual that day.  In other words, contests have winners and losers.  AAA long ago should have established a framework where they (AAA) collect game/match results, compile standings and relevant statistics, and publish this information on a regular basis.  Here we are in 2017, and AAA still can't do this and instead passes the buck on to Maxpreps. 

I personally see nothing wrong with this...many fans were already using maxpreps as a source for reporting and finding scores...

What has AAA done to
G. Conduct championship events by the procedures adopted by the schools in a thorough and impartial manner?
This suggests (among other actions) AAA should be taking an active role in improving the officiating for all sports.
Can anyone identify meaningful actions AAA has undertaken to address this?  Actions beyond writing letters and memos.

AAA has the money to address this - and right now - by establishing mentor referee programs in ALL sports.  Yes, the scale may be small at first but you have to start somewhere. As experienced referees age beyond the years they want to (or are able to) referee, that experience is being lost at present.  AAA needs to establish a crew of mentors, pay them a reasonable stipend, and have them review referee performance with the officials (crews).  This review process could have many outcomes - including (but not limited to) referee improvement, identification of officials that could move to higher level games, and providing coaches a means to offer feedback as well (via the mentor). 

Why can't AAA get moving on improvements like these? 

I don't disagree with you on this but...the AAA already says they have a problem with a shortage with referees....and from my experience you start actually holding people accountable for stuff....and people stop wanting to work or in this case referee....Maybe its just the pessimist in me that causes me to think like that...
Jefferson Preparatory School (near Pine Bluff) won state in 1981 if I recall correctly.

Parkin had a school (and a team) within most peoples memory.

Think parkin folded up shop around 2003....they won a state title back in the 70's I believe...
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: HOOTENS 2017
« Last post by BigLion10 on Today at 09:32:18 am »
Moving on up Big E haha
Here are how many school run what offense and defense


Spread 75 school
Pro I 3 school
Multiple 55 school
Dead T 4 school
One back 1 school
Pistol 4 school
TBA 9 school
Wing T 14 school
Spread option 2 school
Flexbone 8 school
I 8 school
Split back veer 3 school
Power run 1 school
Two back 1 school
Wing slot 2 school
Triple option 2 school
Power I 2 school
Pistol wing 1 school
Power spread 2 school
Multiple T 1 school
Multiple spread 1 school
Multiple I 2 school
Multiple wing 1 school
Diamond T 2 school
Gun 1 school
T 1 school
Pistol option 1 school
Dubble wing 1 school
Split back 1 school

Defense side

4-3 45 school
3-4 43 school
4-2 16 school
4 front 4 school
Multiple 47 school
TBA 9 school
4-2-5 10 school
3-3 6 school
3-3 stack 4 school
4-3 multiple 1 school
4-4 6 school
Even 1 school
Odd front 1 school
3-2 1 school
50 6 school
42 1 school
3-3-5 1 school
5-2 6 school
5-3 1 school
3-5-3 1 school

This how many school run offense and defense so good luck to all team this season hope your team wins
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: I have my hands on it....
« Last post by cuckoobird on Today at 09:06:02 am »
Same team and outcome just closer score
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: I have my hands on it....
« Last post by Razorhummer on Today at 09:01:46 am »
Perhaps that 1st round home playoff loss to SS Batesville is still fresh in some people's minds.
As I said last season, teams in the 2-4A should not overlook SS because they are not the old SS everyone use to push around. Them days are over.
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