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5A Basketball / Re: Vilonia Girls Dream team still in the running?
« Last post by Neckred on Today at 03:03:30 pm »
Dream team LOL.  Laughable
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 5A South 2017
« Last post by Neckred on Today at 03:00:58 pm »
The Jakobi kid is a good QB.  He has a weird arm but effective.  Kind of pushes the ball.  Much better arm in baseball.  He can do lot's of things though
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hooten's Kickoff Classic
« Last post by CCEAGLES22 on Today at 02:58:33 pm »
CC averaged over 40 ppg last year.  Why do you think they lose this game?
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 8AA 2017
« Last post by eldofan on Today at 02:58:07 pm »
It could be but it was number 1 last year despite your ignorance that we had 2 teams in the semi's
What draws more, semi-final on Thanksgiving Friday, or finals the week after? Sounds like a NWA scheduling problem, I haven't heard anyone else complaining to move it up three weeks.
Not saying move it up 3 weeks.

Not just an NWA thing.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 8AA 2017
« Last post by Proud Buckaroo on Today at 02:56:54 pm »
When Junction drops down they will just lose to ccs in the second round again

When JC drops...

You will have fordyce, Jc, Bearden, Hampton and PC all in the same conference.... 🙄🙄🙄
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 8AA 2017
« Last post by bearfan on Today at 02:56:38 pm »
still top 4 conference
Class 6A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Jonesboro
« Last post by ricepig on Today at 02:55:56 pm »
Get some glasses this year Ricepig and you should see it.  Just don't faint.

I'll believe it when I see it for sure.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Calling out AirWarren.....
« Last post by Oldman on Today at 02:54:54 pm »
Let me contact my personal lawyer and she will contact you with further questions good sir ha.

In all seriousness, I was trying to remember if I said anything bad about PA! Which I haven't of course. I'm getting too old for banter. I'll leave that to the disgruntled and the late millennials.

Maumelle, pffft. Good luck finding me. We sold and are about 29 days into moving into a home we are building in good ole Saline County. So, you'll have to come South to find me!

Good luck to Pa. Hoping we don't slap around your Highway 10 cousins too much on the 29th.
Moving in to the Glen Rose district?
If that is the rule...its news to me.

We've had kids transfer in at semester(Jan), or later, and then go back to their original school during the summer.
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