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4A Basketball / Re: 4A North Regionals @ Berryville!
« Last post by BigGuy22 on Today at 09:06:19 am »
From what I've seen, most of Subiaco's players can shoot from deep. It's gonna be a challenge for Pea Ridge to have their post out guarding a shooter but it's also gonna be a challenge for Subiaco to have to guard the post from Pea Ridge. Pea Ridge is missing one of their starters due to a knee injury from the Gravette game last week. He won't be starting and will be limited to very few minutes. I think it will be a tough game. Pea Ridge is going to have to be very physical and have to box out extremely well. Subiaco for their size can board extremely well. And Subiaco is going to have to make their shots and take care of the big. This will be a great game!
1A Basketball / Re: Recruiting
« Last post by thechampchamp on Today at 09:02:07 am »
He KNOWS its happening guys. So it doesnt even matter what we think. Bc he KNOWS
1A Basketball / Re: Region 3 @ West Side Greers Ferry
« Last post by thechampchamp on Today at 08:59:06 am »
I also heard fuller, the greatest player of all time apparently, didnt carry his own last night either :-X
1A Basketball / Re: Region 3 @ West Side Greers Ferry
« Last post by thechampchamp on Today at 08:58:19 am »
I heard the old blue devils coach went crazy last night
2A Basketball / Re: 2a South Region
« Last post by Rida4Life on Today at 08:56:17 am »
PC didn't play near it's potential last night.  Foreman may have had something to do with that.  The difference in this PC team vs previous years is that they can still find a way to win ugly when the 3 ball isn't going in.  Last two years they couldn't do that. 
5A Basketball / Re: 5A east district tournament
« Last post by MikeDiesel™ on Today at 08:55:37 am »
GCT vs Paragould girls at 4
Batesville vs Nettleton girls at 7

I believe Blytheville vs Vally View Boys is at 5:30 and Nettleton vs Wynne is at 8:30.  Could have those backwards, but I know the girls times are correct

Blytheville is at 5:30
2A Basketball / Re: Marked Tree 26-0
« Last post by FromTheBench on Today at 08:55:30 am »
Last nights win made this years team the all time leaders in school history in consecutive wins 27! Congratulations young Indians you stand alone with yet more games to play...Go Blue...

Congrats MT Indians and coach. I really like the way she coaches that team.
2A Basketball / Re: 2A regional Marked Tree
« Last post by Bildo on Today at 08:54:21 am »

Marmaduke 57

Des Arc 25

End of 3rd

Fouls for the game

Des Arc 19

Marmaduke 7

Has absolutely nothing to do with the outcome, but it's kinda comical.
Comical?! You think the coach teaching the girls to play this way is beneficial to the game of basketball? in most cases they look like they are intentionally trying to injure players.... then when they do commit a "hard foul", they laugh about it, in some cases. You had the same complaint about the fouls being one-sided at the District Tournament last week against Carlisle. The common denominator is the team, not the refs. DA could be MUCH more competitive if they played more "under control". When you foul that much, your starters and better players suffer because it limits their playing time, which in turn, doesn't allow your best players on the floor when they are needed.
In my opinion, those girls deserve better. If you can't see that.... you need to step back and take another look.
2A Basketball / Re: West/Central Region at Magazine
« Last post by FromTheBench on Today at 08:54:13 am »
How are roads ? Coming from east tonight. What would be best route?

Go thru Dardanelle and take Hwy 27 onto Hwy 10 all the way to Magazine. Less traffic
3A Basketball / Re: Osceola Seminoles
« Last post by 501Arkansas on Today at 08:50:51 am »
Game day noles
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