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Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Battle for the Judges Cup
« Last post by Ctucker on Today at 05:33:49 pm »
And by the way the only way yall could have beat Cedar Ridge was have a different team because you never had a chance of beating them!
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Glion Memorial Week 5
« Last post by mossflyer on Today at 05:28:36 pm »
Gravette @ Lincoln (3)
Bald Knob (10) @ Mills
Southside BV (9) @ Stuttgart
Rivercrest (30) @ Trumann
Dover (14) @ Subiaco
Pottsville @ Dardanelle (14)
Arkadelphia @ Nashville (14)
Bauxite (14) @ Malvern
Hamburg (10) @ Dewitt
Dumas (7) @ Helena
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Des Arc vs Hazen
« Last post by Hasbeen92 on Today at 05:26:39 pm »
Agreed love u river people
77.3% of all polls get more negative responses than positive ones.  That's why you see fewer and fewer of them.  Such is life.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Battle for the Judges Cup
« Last post by Ctucker on Today at 05:25:53 pm »
Im just telling the truth big baby!how many times have yall won state! Tell me without 30 excuses!

I outta go to this game Friday. Should be a battle in Motown.

Dawgs by 2. Sorry Postal. But I think Gobs gonna punish everyone else in conference and finish quite well.
My daughter is on cheer for Bauxite and her boyfriend on the team.
Last year was hard on them for 1, the coaches wife committed suicide.  They have a new coach, well he has been there about 3 years, which is Fayettevilles old coach, so that tells me they will only get better. Hate on me if you want but don't expect me to back down. I wasn't built for backing down.
Class 7A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Week 1 of conference play
« Last post by B.G. on Today at 05:20:35 pm »
Can't trust the FF schedules.......
FYI, I don't do the legwork to put them in (the AAA provides the data) but each week before Friday I personally cross check the schedule with other sources. I find those that are different than ours are right about 40% of the time to our 60%.  Two weeks ago, 7 were different and we we have 5 right, 2 wrong.

I always hope people will let me know when they see it, but that's rare.  But eventually, I catch it. :)
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Texarkana vs Magnolia
« Last post by InYoGrill on Today at 05:20:23 pm »
As stated being one dimensional, running the ball will not beat the Hogs.  I can't remember the last time Magnolia was good but the kids are very familiar with each other playing every year in the 7th grade through JV for years.

I don't have a map in front of me but it sounds like both towns are not too far apart. I don't think I have ever been through Magnolia. East of Hope, right? Population?
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: LR Christian @ Watson Chapel
« Last post by InYoGrill on Today at 05:18:48 pm »
  Of course WC will have more speed than Greenbriar and Vilonia!

Funny right there! And very TRUE!  ;D
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