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Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Top teams of the millennium
« Last post by JacketFan on Today at 01:41:41 pm »
Camden Fairview Conference Changes over the years...

5A South 2001-2005
5A Southwest 2006-2011
5A South 2012-Current

Pulaski Academy Conference Changes over the years...

3A-5 2001
3A-6 2002-2005
5A Southeast 2006-2009
4A-7 2010-2011
5A 2012-Current

Batesville Conference Changes over the years..

4A East 2001-2005
5A East 2006-Current

Wynne Conference Changes over the years...

4A East 2001-2005
5A East 2006-Current
Not sure who wins it on the stats, but some of the best high school football games I have seen in the last 20 years were between the teams mentioned above, absolute dogfights between Batesville and Wynne over the years.  I would come out of those games exhausted, so many ups and downs thru 4 quarters of smash mouth football at its finest.
8 Man Football / Re: Co-op teams?
« Last post by Mulerider4Life on Today at 01:36:59 pm »
Now that 8-man is real, letís speculate who would make great co/op pairs should the AAA allow it in football.

Several states allow it, including Illinois and Nebraska. Iíve heard Oklahoma allows it as well. (Not Texas, and ó for now ó not Arkansas.)

How about Concord and West Side? Or Nemo Vista and Wonderview?

Bad idea. Would create too many dominant teams.
8 Man Football / Re: 8 Man Football
« Last post by Mulerider4Life on Today at 01:36:19 pm »
You really need to learn more about medical science.  I say you're wrong because it's been proven.  If you choose to believe otherwise, that's not debating, that's being foolish.

What does this have to do about 8-man football? We need to try to stick to the subject.
Back in the old 5A South days CF was a distant rival to Arkansas High behind El Dorado and Pine Bluff.
Dude going through that conference was heck. Like the SEC West nowadays. lol
yes if Greenwood wants in this topic all teams might as well move down a spot.
No doubt...lol
Jr. High Bulletin Board Material / Re: 5a east Jr high
« Last post by JacketFan on Today at 01:32:42 pm »
The GCT QB transferred to Wynne early last year. It wasn't a good fit for him and he quickly moved back to Tech. I would have fully expected him to stay at Wynne to gain college exposure as he is definitely a pro-style, sling and zing QB; and that doesn't always fit with the power run style offense of Wynne.
Did this kid transfer back to wynne?
What makes you think he will retire before he hits 65-66 or more? I bet the average stay of coaches in Arkansas isn't close to 10 years.

I figured Malham made it to 64, after 40 years I think most coaches will think that is enough. I don't care about the average stay, Malham was there for 37 so I don't consider it average.
After the Whistle / Re: Bauxite Miners(String Thread)
« Last post by cuckoobird on Today at 12:49:08 pm »
My mama said alligators are honary cause they got all them teeth but no toothbrush, you mean??
Abdulla oblongata you mean
Killer Crossover / Re: Shot Clock Gaining Steam
« Last post by beach bum on Today at 12:31:57 pm »
Kids would rather do a lot of things adults don't let them, because we know better what's good for them. A shot clock at this level would lower the skill level and work ethic of the players, and thus the quality of the game at every level.

Huh? Lol... Ok how then?
Killer Crossover / Re: Shot Clock Gaining Steam
« Last post by beach bum on Today at 12:31:13 pm »
Yet you're arguing for a rule change based on what's good for the fans.

I don't think I have ever once mentioned the fans....
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