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Want to coach -- what do I do?

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Hey there, first time poster. I am completing my senior year of college and want to spend some time coaching before looking at Graduate School. I went to college out of state, but am from an Arkansas high school, so I would really like to get back in the state coaching. I am young, but have good experience (assistant coach at a high school, 2 year manager for an SEC basketball program where I helped in all practices and games, excellent recommendation letters from SEC coaches). My degree is in Sport Administration with a solid GPA (3.5+). What do I need to do to hopefully find a job somewhere in Arkansas starting the 2018-2019 season? Do I need to start looking at certifications now, or can I be hired with the expectations I complete them during the year? Any help is appreciated as I am eager to get all of this started.

Get it now. Add as many things to your license as possible. Like a core subject. Around March start looking on for jobs. There are other job sites.

What is the license called, is there a website or something I can go and see all of the options?

I'm assuming you have a degree in education. You can just take the praxis test for whatever you want to add to your license.

If you don't have a degree in education you will probably have to get a MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) in order to get certified. I'm not sure what the non-traditional route is like now. I'm working with a teacher that did not have an education degree and had to go the MAT route.


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