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2A Basketball / Re: 2A regional Marked Tree
« Last post by bdubyab60 on Today at 08:19:40 am »
Must suck to PAY for a home court advantage and then choke it away.

We will stall our way to 4th place lol

But seeing MT saying a loss is a good thing makes me chuckle
2A Basketball / Re: Marked Tree 26-0
« Last post by bdubyab60 on Today at 08:15:13 am »
kinda like yíall do as well? Itís a rivalry game lol it is sorta a big deal you know!
Negative ghost rider. We have been there before. We rushed the court exactly one time. Two years ago Iím the semis when we be MT to make the finals in a very exciting ballgame.

Other than that itís busi as usual when we beat you guys
4A Basketball / Re: 4A North Regionals @ Berryville!
« Last post by Bulldog92 on Today at 08:07:39 am »
Thank you
1A Basketball / Re: Probably too early, but...
« Last post by Motownsportsfan on Today at 07:53:49 am »
If I were Guy, I would consider Drew Blocker from Nemo. He is from Mt. Vernon so he would be closer to home and he is a very smart coach. He is a winner. Would have won quite a few games this year if not for top 2 players being injured/ineligible
Pretty sure the Hill kid was the best player we faced and the best on that team but I get the point he was short 2 good players.
2A Basketball / Re: 2A regional Marked Tree
« Last post by Dogg on Today at 07:51:42 am »
lol. Dear fan of cheaters your opinion doesnít matter to me at all. I hope Clarendon wipes the floor with you cheaters!

And if they wipe the floor with us guess what? We just got beat. We will gladly take the 2 seed on your floor. Clarendon and Earle are both at full strength and it will be a good game. You ought to come and watch.
2A Basketball / Re: West/Central Region at Magazine
« Last post by Ctucker on Today at 07:46:43 am »
Boys game should be a good one! WCC has beat Quitman 2 times this year once by 16 and 11 I think but this is a different Quitman team now! I'm glad Quitman won district so our boys no they can't take them lightly! It's a toss up to me! I hope we pull it out! Good luck to all the kids and I pray the weather will not get bad there!
3A Basketball / Re: Region 3 @ Melbourne
« Last post by BoxNOne on Today at 07:43:41 am »
MV. 52-49

Hoxie blew this game. Led by 8 with 3 minutes left. Hoxie's lack of guard play hurt them badly late in the game. However, they still could have won but missed a gimme layup with 7 seconds left that might have won the game anyway.
2A Basketball / Re: Marked Tree 26-0
« Last post by Dogg on Today at 07:43:25 am »
Those 3 charges on Cartwright were kinda lame to say the least.
I agree pick
2A Basketball / Re: 2A regional Marked Tree
« Last post by Dogg on Today at 07:42:18 am »
You forgot about Hughes  ;D
And you should see next years recruiting class
2A Basketball / Re: Clarendon Basketball 2017
« Last post by Ctucker on Today at 07:42:17 am »
Naw, marked tree didn't play bad. Clarendon just flat out beat them.
[/quote You kinda make it sound worse that 2 or 3 points was it not that close?
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