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2A Basketball / Re: McCrory looking for Boys Basketball Coach
« Last post by old.dole on Today at 07:45:28 pm »
Getting kinda late in the game isn't it?  What kinda talent pool would one be looking at over there
TD, yeah I can see Lincoln beating Stuttgart.  The same year Lincoln beat Nashville, and then Malvern, Stuttgart was 4-7. It was a banner year (11-2)for the Lincoln team but it happened. I don't expect to see another like it in the near future.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: MARKED TREE FOOTBALL
« Last post by birddawg1986 on Today at 07:26:38 pm »
all valid points my friend but let's give Dunn a shot... we need to get behind him for the sake of the kids... he is trying to build team unity... if those kids come on here and see us the fans bashing him...then it makes building the team unity that much more difficult for him...we must put aside our differences and remember the kids are the most important here...you say you love your Indians and I know you do!
Then it's time to get with the process and back Dunn and support this team!!!#allin
We didn't t need someone who is trying to climb the ranks and change coaches every 2 years. Give it to the MT man that bleeds blue/gold and wants to build a good program. With declining enrollment hits hard to do but a MT will give it H*LL..
So your saying Bearden doesn't have a prayer in this game? They going to get beat 40+ to 0 ?
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hampton Hosts Prescott
« Last post by old.dole on Today at 07:21:15 pm »
Just because you have a hudl doesn't mean you can access everyone's game film.
School choice is bad all the way around. Hurts diversity in schools and is used for all the wrong reasons. Just an excuse for white flight and athletic recruiting
2A Basketball / Re: Top Returners in 2A next year
« Last post by Cheek on Today at 07:10:44 pm »
Not sure about boys, but my Girls top 10 would look something like this:

1. Earle
2. Camden Harmony Grove
3. Carlisle
4. Spring Hill
5. Marmaduke
6. Quitman
7. Pangburn
8. Blevins
9. Caddo Hills
10. Jc-Westside

1. Quitman
2.  Earle
3.  Marmaduke
4.  Carlisle
5.  Pangburn
6.  CHG
7. Spring Hill
8.  England
9 . Caddo Hills
10.  Blevins
You know it's the offseason when both threads at the top of the board are discussing Lincoln.  :D
Don't ever forget tho, Lincoln beat Nashville.
Could you imagine Stuttgart losing to Lincoln
How can you be "national champions" twice in one season?
Brinkley is also losing students to McCrory as well. And even a couple to Des Arc before as well. We're definitely suffering. What's weird is, is that it's not like our school is raggedy or broken down looking. We actually have a great looking school, inside and out. People will say it's the education all day long. But I know most of those kids. And they admit that it's strictly for Athletics. And honestly, I just say that if all of you were to stay, there's no telling how good we could be in our own town. I couldn't ever live with myself, and put on Patriot or Jaguar colors, and live in the town of Brinkley, and be cool with it. ZERO community loyalty is what it boils down to. In my personal opinion.

What are you talking about.  Brinkley does not have very good facilities.
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