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2A Basketball / Re: England vs Marked Tree Round 1
« Last post by MikelB on Today at 07:31:37 am »
MT by 7
yep cut regions down to 3 instead of 4 this year
How did they decide which #2 team got the bye to second round?
2A Basketball / Re: 2A North Regional at Carisle
« Last post by MikelB on Today at 07:28:05 am »
Dang Earle, Lighthouse and Epc on the same side of the bracket
Coach Wilburn was smart, if you can't go into state in 2nd go in 4th to get off same side of bracket as Earle. One thing is certain, there won't be a rematch of Earle and EPC in the finals this year.
1A Basketball / Re: State Day 1
« Last post by BannerMountainMan on Today at 07:21:53 am »
Alpena by 7
Omaha by 3
Bay by 23
Dermott by 9
Wonderview by 18
Shirley by 19
Concord by 8
Sacred Heart by 5
1A Basketball / Re: Boys first round upset predictions?
« Last post by FaceInTheCrowd on Today at 07:21:03 am »
I think Bay vs. Marvell will be a sloppy game.  I've seen Bay play twice this year and they seem to always be on the verge of out of control.  I think if they are on, they're on, and if they are not, it's just sloppy.  They don't have the depth that they've had in previous years.  I do think their previous experience winning in the State Tournament will put them over the top with Marvell. 

ICC shot the ball unbelievably well Saturday night in the finals.  They had more consistency then Bay. It could be because Calico Rock is in their District, so it's a gym that they are comfortable shooting in.  It will be interesting to see  how that translates to playing in Mt. Ida.
1A Basketball / Re: State Day 1
« Last post by J.D. on Today at 07:20:37 am »
County Line vs. Alpena (SG)--toss up IMO
Mulberry vs. Omaha----mulberry by 3
Bay vs. Bradley----bay by 20
Rector vs. Dermott----dermott by 1
Wonderview vs. Maynard---wv by 7
Shirley vs. Ridgefield Christian---shirley by 2
Scranton vs. Concord----concord by 5
Mineral Springs vs. Sacred Heart---mineral springs by 10

Oh, wow.  You took your time on this, didn't you?
1A Basketball / Re: MVE vs ICC girls
« Last post by FaceInTheCrowd on Today at 07:11:01 am »
I have not seen MVE play this year, but I did see a very beat up ICC play Saturday night. Cooper was hobbling around during warm ups and played most of the game.  I felt like she might be a liability because she couldn't do much, but when she was out they had a hard time handling Norfork's press or getting good shots.  From Saturday night until tonight is a pretty short turn around time for her ankle to be at 100%, and I think they'll need her at her best to beat a team like MVE.
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: Parkers Chapel Jamboree
« Last post by baseball man on Today at 07:02:18 am »
I would totally agree. Burson one inning pitched and stroke out the side. Bale was 2 innings pitched with 4 strike outs if i remember right. Both was impressive.
3A Basketball / Re: Top 5 Players in 3A
« Last post by BigMan15 on Today at 06:39:09 am »
They have not announced them yet
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Smackover HC
« Last post by Oldman on Today at 06:23:33 am »
I'm guessing you have never taken an English course your entire life..

Liberty = free.

I'm not free to say... But, let's make a joke out of it. 🙄
What time will you get your freedom? Is there a school board or parent's meeting today?
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