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Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Berryville
« Last post by gameoflife on Today at 04:40:36 pm »
I heard that interviews have not started. I also heard that they actually have quite a few applicants,  They had a great 7th grade group this year who beat the brakes off our Saints and I think every other team in the conference,

I heard some of this stuff after lunch today.  Also heard some NWA coaches from some very successful schools are on the list of applicants.
Is the new guy on campus?
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: England Lion Football
« Last post by STUNNA on Today at 04:35:14 pm »
will they stay in house and hire the young OC?
Wouldn't bet against Dawson at any school.
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: 4A-1
« Last post by nuttinbuthogs on Today at 04:30:37 pm »
Can any body share records or scores? 
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Palestine-Wheatley HC
« Last post by Lions84 on Today at 03:32:12 pm »
Good for the Red Devils !
Sounds like a game I was at last week. might have been the same one. With the way the parents were behaving I was not surprised to see the kids behave this way. When you have parents yelling cruel and hateful things at the umps because the game is not going their way. Then you had players throwing their stuff in the dug out when they lost. And the coaches did nothing about any of it. Props to the other team( players,coaches and parents) for not stooping to that level and played the game the right way.

Sure sounds like you were at the same game to me! Part of me wants to call out the team/coach, but I'm sure others will see the same conduct and think WTH! The coach either has no control over his team or doesn't care. He wont be coaching long if he continues to let his players act that way.
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: Hope Baseball
« Last post by polksalet on Today at 02:34:03 pm »
What in the actual Obama is going on here?
Just poking a little fun.  ;)

my wonderful typing skill hard at work ;D
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