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Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Clarendon vs Carlisle
« Last post by Sonofasonofasailor on Today at 06:31:19 am »
i figured carlisle would win by more last friday as well. what happened?

I finally had time to drop by and see Carlisle play.  What happened is Marianna has an athletic QB that made some things happen and they have pretty good overall team speed, something Carlisle is lacking. The Carlisle offense ground it out and controlled the ball or otherwise, the outcome might have been different.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hazen vs Earle
« Last post by Old Scrapper on Today at 06:30:05 am »
I guess hootens thinks 3-8 match up better than 4-6 for GOTW
they'd rather watch a Dragon burn a bug than a dog take a beating.
What they need to do is do it my way

6-A 32 team
5-A 32 team
4-A 32 team
3-A 64 team
2-A  rest of team that play football
1-A rest of teams that just play basketball and if school who plays football are a 1-A enrollment they go to 1-A for basketball

If u have any school that don't play football just basketball and there enrollment are a 2-A or higher they will go where there number fit

Ex: if there number are a 3 -A school they would be 3-A

Too much disparity in numbers from top to bottom on 32 teams.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 7-2A Picks Week 8
« Last post by Redzone on Today at 06:01:49 am »
Looks good!
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Jc @ Fordyce
« Last post by Redzone on Today at 05:56:16 am »
Fordyce by 3
White Hall won't be finishing 4th fellas.
2 or 3.
Hide and watch.

I hope so. Ghost will be back if that happens!
Halftime intermission
While watching the game, the Greenwood Bulldog be like...

"Man, I miss beating the Airedales and the Goblins"
1A Basketball / Re: Bad boy classic and norfork classic
« Last post by BasketballNeverStops on Today at 12:36:36 am »
West Side-68
Lead Hill-43

WS starters didn't even touch the floor in the second half. Big early test coming tomorrow against Kirby.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 5A Week 8 Fan Poll
« Last post by redsport27 on Today at 12:20:33 am »
1. PA -

2. Texarkana - made a statement against McClellan

3. Harrison - at this rate, the west is theirs

4. Blytheville - they are impressing

5. LRCA - parkview is not an easy team

6. White Hall - good win against the neighbor. the last 3 games will tell us a lot

7. McClellan - expect a big bounce back

8. Nettleton - they are winning so they will go here

9. Alma - they remain flawless in the west. harrison will be tough

10. Camden - still in the hunt for a decent playoff spot

Dropped: Parkview
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: All State from the 4A-1
« Last post by BigGuy22 on Today at 12:05:37 am »
I think PR has 3 capable of all state honors.. Carson Rhine, Mike Mahoney, and Tristin Brewer. All 3 of them just seem to make big plays when its needed and find ways to just disrupt offenses. Carson Rhine is one of the best athletes in the state and can cover basically any reciever in the state, Tristin Brewer just always finds a way to make tackled after tackle every game. I think last week against PG he had 17 tackles and honestly think hes the best LB in the 4A hands down. And Mike Mahoney is just a BIG dude. Hes 64 260 and hes an athlete for his size.. if youve watched the past couple of games that PR has played it seems that teams game plan around not running to his side. I did the percentage for the Lincoln game and they ran the ball away from Mahoney 94% of the time. The two plays they ran to Mahoneys side he made the plays. I think these three should be easy candidates for All State honors
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