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Congrats to all of the AR HS Football players who have signed letter of intent to play in college.
With a 3-0 weekend, kk2 comes from behind to win the Pick'em championship. kk2 292 ISU7 291 Coach Jones 291 RamblinWest 290 hill
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Class 6A Bulletin Board Material / Re: El Dorado Coaching Search
« Last post by AHS06 on Today at 11:55:29 am »
El Dorado is a dying program.  Just face the facts.  I was at the game this year in ED.  There were tons of ED fans sitting on the Greenwood side of the field.   Either they are too embarrassed of their program, OR they wanted to feel what it's like to be a Bulldog fan.  Either way, ED is on the downward spiral.  Is it any wonder their coach jumped ship?
Their fans along with other schools have done that for years.  Some look forward to seeing the opposing team fans.  Over the years friendships are built, friendly competition, etc.
Official's Timeout / Minimum weight to play high school football.
« Last post by Gray lizard on Today at 11:53:58 am »
Anything new on this?  My son going into the 10th grade said something about having to weigh 150lbs to play. Don't know if it is just coaches messing with him or a change.
1A Basketball / Re: January 2019 Score Thread
« Last post by 1ball1goal on Today at 11:51:53 am »
Jasper beat New school
Alpena beat Deer
Arkansas High School Track and Field / Re: Best Cross Country Teams
« Last post by HeberFan on Today at 11:29:53 am »
He's saying historically, Heber has a bit to catch Crossett and Central. It isn't a slight at Heber. They are easily top 5 programs of all time.

Maybe we agree that John McDonnell put together the best track program in history at the University of Arkansas, as in, any level and anywhere?
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hot Springs
« Last post by Beaver Fever on Today at 11:23:14 am »
Heard they were “shopping around” all the schools in Garland and Hot springs County.  dot your i’s and cross your T’s on this one.
1A Basketball / Re: January 2019 Score Thread
« Last post by SackAttack on Today at 11:22:03 am »
principal. I didn’t attend but that’s what I was told
Ahhh Sack sees now!! Academic type!! Makes sense sure didn’t have much to offer as far as the game goes! Whined a lot as most academics do! Didn’t look to be athletic minded in the least!!
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 3A-3 Next Season?
« Last post by Redwolves8526 on Today at 11:15:47 am »
Yeah pretty much the same. Osceola and Newport fighting for the 1 spot. I wouldn’t be surprised is Walnut Ridge finish 2nd. I still think Osceola will win this conference again Walnut Ridge losing their leading rusher in Burris. Qb Brewer returns and their 2nd leading rusher manning. Noles will have both leading wideout back in Tray Moore and Gregg Hooks Jr. Runningback JD Winda who I expect to have a great SR season. We have our should’ve been all state QB Kam Turner coming back, leading tackler Mj Vance and  our best cornerback Dan Newson will be back. We lost one lineman who torn his acl last season which was Trent Brown he’ll be back as well. Have to rebuild our line also. But will also lose a lot that where Seniors. But I expect another great season for the noles. As of Newport they have some rebuilding to do as well. Losing QB cash, RB Joe B, WR James Dixon, WR Zawin Smith and Julius Clark. They will have Clemmie Alcorn back. Still should be a good football team. Replacing Cash will be a problem maybe.

I thought WR's leading rusher was a sophomore?
5A Basketball / Re: 5A Score Thread - Post Your Scores Here
« Last post by Redwolves8526 on Today at 11:14:40 am »
Is Marion the best team in 5A? Wins over Mills, Parkview, Nettleton and West Memphis.
future as a collegiate or professional athlete.   

Yall really think that is why parents give officials a hard time?  I think its just because parents are jerks.
4A Basketball / Re: 8-4A Basketball Schedules, and Score thread
« Last post by Mr.Magnolia06 on Today at 11:00:01 am »
Magnolia freshman Ford #20 had 30 points and the other  freshman #23 had 16,,,,,,
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