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I'm pretty sure searcy won last year too?
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Wasted Scrimmage!
« Last post by mrknowitall on Today at 06:45:39 am »
How did your new qb look?
Class 6A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Rating after first Scrimmage
« Last post by AHS06 on Today at 06:33:11 am »
I rate Texarkana about 7out of 10! Texarkana played one qtr against Mena and won 7 to 0. They played Hope in another qtr and won 13 to 7! 1ST defense didnt give up any points! Offense was plain vanilla with both Texas teams their watching. I know the competition wasnt great but we got out of the scrimmage injury free thats all that matters
I agree 7 out of 10.  1st D played really well, they were quick, and swarmed to the ball.   It was obvious the Hogs were working on timing.   The QB just needs a little more snaps/experience but he has a great arm.  The lines are on the smaller side but I'll take a lean 250-260 lb any day over a 300 lb that can't move.  We'll be battle tested the next two weeks.   But I like our chances. 
Arkansas High School Volleyball / Re: So it begins: Week 1 scores
« Last post by arkcrash on Today at 06:28:56 am »
Pea Ridge over Gravette 3-2.  Hard fought matches, Gravette's new coach had them playing hard.
(26-28, 25-23, 25-22, 22-25, 15-9)
fordyce 30-bearden 15 in Tuesday scrimmage
Usually conference opponents don't play on scrimmage games . Guess y'all think we are scared lol prolly shaking in our little cleats . As for the young man , sorry he'll never play again that's a bad deal sometime life hands all of us a bad hand you just gotta deal with it. But this whole revenge talk is not good leads to bad situations that people end up regretting if y'alls kids are thinking we just gonna break their legs man forget the scoreboard which you are making it sound then y'all may find it's sometimes better to let well enough alone. Already our kids don't like each other no fuel needed. But hey if that's the way y'all want it .
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 6-2A Offseason
« Last post by MomaLion on Today at 03:04:10 am »
I thought Clarendon looked as good as the rest except Earle, but I thought everyone looked better last year.  I don't know if it was the weather, but everyone looked sloppy last night.  It has to get better or these teams will have a tough year.  Earle only has to get by Mt Ida to win 2A this year.  Earle did not have much trouble scoring last night, and Bohannan did not have to do much at all.
Agreed.  I think Clarendon was actually a bit better than last year but instead of having 1 or 2 stand out players like we had last year in Cross and Parker, there were several that stepped up...mostly in different roles than they've played previously...once they get the wrinkles ironed out, I think they will be just fine.
Earle was Earle lol...not much effort needed.
Don't know ask coach Garrett that we didn't get to choose.  And if it has nothing to do with the scoreboard then it must be personal.  Funny thing the kid they should have a problem with ain't on this team and even if he was y'all should really let this go it's football injuries happen it's been almost a year and we are still talking about this .
It's a kids life and the fact that he will never play any sport ever again...yes, it's personal.
It's funny that we played everybody there...even played Fair and England twice...but no PW.
an moma ted nun ran really well l Stewart 5'10 190 soph an Cam'ron 6'2 190 jr  on defense  malik 6'3 175 jr  block'd well good hands  mostly soph an jr's salty QB kj 6'2 180 sr
Yes he did...Bonner also impressed me with his passing...Marvin is stout and plays smart...Kalil is fast and overall very athletic...Malik will really be an asset defending the pass and with his speed...JD has some jets as well....I know i'm forgetting some but overall they looked very good.
I'm sure with the 12 coaches Prescott has the one who wears the title of Recruiting Cordinator made sure all I's were dotted and T's were crossed before the kid was ever given a helmet. Good luck to him at his new school and to the Wolves on their mission of repeating as 3-A champs.
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