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I do not know if any of you guys are #74’s family. If you are my hat is off to you. You are raising a heck of a man. After all was said and done he came back down the ramp to tell our guys congratsuations one more time. Very very classy. A lot of us adults could learn from that.

I second that!!! Great kid!! Saw several do that!! Classy team!! Great organization!
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Mt. Ida vs Foreman at THE ROCK!!
« Last post by Eslim03 on Today at 11:19:01 pm »
I will say this Mt. Ida y’all have a program few do congrats to your kids, coaching staff and community. We finally got to beat you guys and we have been working all year to get to this point. All of Foreman wanted to play y’all on this stage, because to beat the best you have to beat the best.
5A Basketball / Re: top players in 5a
« Last post by Bbal789 on Today at 11:15:10 pm »
Nettleton beats Jonesboro 53-51.
4A Basketball / Re: Who are the boys and girls teams to beat in the 7-4A
« Last post by Bbal789 on Today at 11:14:11 pm »
Colton was suspended for behavior. Not a bad kid. Just don't like backing down. that's also whats make him so important to our team

Do you know when he possibly might come back? His defense is extraordinary and Bauxite really benefits with him around. Saw him play last year and could really lock up on defense and also a very good ball handler.
4A Basketball / Re: 12/15 Jonesboro Westside at Brookland Boys
« Last post by Bbal789 on Today at 11:12:17 pm »
I honestly think Jonesboro Westside or Southside Batesville is the best team this year. Southside Batesville beat Jonesboro Westside earlier in the year by 1 showing how even these two teams are.
4A Basketball / Re: Connor Vanover
« Last post by Bbal789 on Today at 11:10:48 pm »
I agree!I think mcbride was best on team. speeding him up doesnt help you. i know it sounds weird but Connor leaving makes em better. now mcbride shooting more 3s.

I actually saw Baptist play some last year and a few times this year. I really do not think they are as good as they have been with Connor. They are still a good team but not as good as when they had Connor. I think Jonesboro Westside or Soutside Batesville will win it this year. ESTEM and Bauxite are also super dangerous.
4A Basketball / Re: Connor Vanover
« Last post by Bbal789 on Today at 11:07:39 pm »
LOL nobody from pea ridge thought vanover was bad, if prep didnt have vanover pea ridge would of one by 20+]

There is absolutely no proof of that. Pea ridge might not have hit 13 threes and two buzzer beaters. Baptist with Connor and without Connor are two very different styles and Pea Ridge might have been better with Connor playing but who knows.
Mail you money? Wow, that's powerful naive. Do you realize you are denying the gifts and other endowments that PA has admitted for years. The new weight room? Try and read this real slow, have someone help you out, a gift/endowment/donation are all names for someone giving you money. I've heard the Jr. High is in disrepair, I don't see any wealthy benefactors writing big checks to fix that. I realize this whole football thing is pretty new to you, that "they lift weights in the summer" comment proved that, but please don't try and deny football, either directly or indirectly makes money. You may be the lone PA fan that denies that.

FOOTBALL MAKES PA MONEY....WHAT?  Are you high?  We have a spectacular weight room because parents of football players donated the money.  Period.  That’s doesn’t even remotely suggest that the program benefits the rest of the school financially.  Seriously, you are special kind of stupid. 
Is there another Jr high team 65-0? Just wondering. I wonder if there is "ANY" school with that record....

When will people grasp thg Junior High ball is just that....JUNIOR HIGH. Does it sometimes translate to high school, of course, talent is talent. Does it always project though, HECK no. I can think of numerous teams who have great junior high teams that are mid to low level high school teams.

Warren has had some less than stellar junior high classes come through that ended up producing big time in senior high.  65-0, impressive but those same kids have made it past the 2’d round only once since 2012 and that was a title in 2015.

Just don’t start buying them rings like Monticello did with their 3rd and 4th graders......

4A Basketball / Re: 12/15 Jonesboro Westside at Brookland Boys
« Last post by Bbal789 on Today at 10:58:38 pm »
Wow thats crazy. Jonesboro Westside is a dangerous team. Was it Avery Felts and Riley Felkins hitting all the threes?
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