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With a 3-0 weekend, kk2 comes from behind to win the Pick'em championship. kk2 292 ISU7 291 Coach Jones 291 RamblinWest 290 hill
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1A Basketball / Re: MVE games this week
« Last post by Flobbito on Today at 03:25:41 am »
MVE Sr. Boys over GP 76-54.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Beebe HC Open
« Last post by arkansasFBscoop on Today at 02:46:18 am »
Eagles is 100% accurate.

Yep, he is spot on.

Have to remember - new superintendent in place.  Pretty well connected athletically.  I doubt he'll feel obligated to stay with local guy.  5A job, decent money, location, support - they'll draw quality candidates.  Widener may very well wind up with position, but idea that it is a lock is flat out wrong as Pick said.

Curious if Chris Smith from Germantown (TN) is involved in this.  Know his named was mentioned with Cabot.  He'd be a great candidate here, not going to get Cabot job.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Malvern Coaching Job
« Last post by arkansasFBscoop on Today at 02:41:20 am »
He was only there one year...my source in Malvern(figured everyone else quotes unnamed sources) says he jumped ship after one year for Harrison, then left there after one year, went to Russvegas for two years, left there for Fountain Lake as HC for last two years...so sounds like if he's the guy then Malvern has about 2-3 years and he leaves

Sounds like a guy who made good professional decisions.  If that is his career progression, every move has been in the right direction. 

Always tickles me when people try to rag on coaches for changing jobs.  With the "daddy ball" parents running wild in high school sports, the ones who complain when you don't win and complain more when you don't win by "enough", you can't blame a coach for making moves that benefit them professionally.  Parents and admins don't have much "loyalty" these days, foolish to expect coaches to have blind loyalty toward them.
You guys r little testy I agree Amber's quote was a little harsh but what would you expect from Junction's best girl Junction is the best 2A team in last 2 decades if your the best you don't have to toot your own horn other people will toot it for you a lesson some of junction's fans should learn(not all) but you have to admit Hazen was a pretty talented team for less than 30 players 10th thru 12 they are the most talented  team in my my lifetime and both my uncles played for razorbacks and my cousin played for Arkansas Tech (I like how y'all used!!! To show how you really meant what you said)

No doubt they're talented,  3rd best team we played all season.
3A Basketball / Re: 3A-3
« Last post by biglion1985 on Today at 01:23:50 am »
Oh yeah I seen a crew tonight reffing that didn't even have any business reffing a peewee game but I know y'all will get it together and best of luck as always
3A Basketball / Re: Osceola Seminoles 2018-2019
« Last post by biglion1985 on Today at 01:21:31 am »
ISU7 who was the kid who had the brace on his arm when we played y'all
2A Basketball / Re: 1,000 Days as CHAMPIONS
« Last post by biglion1985 on Today at 01:17:30 am »
The facts that I was stating look at the record against Earle while at Manila in 11 tries Taylor 2-9 and in 6 tries Wimberley 4-2 that's the facts I was trying to get at yes Taylor top notch not saying he wasn't and you can't look at overall records when Wimberley hasn't been coaching as long as Taylor
3A Basketball / Re: Osceola Seminoles 2018-2019
« Last post by 501Arkansas on Today at 01:10:42 am »
Too much D. Brown💯
I heard, how many he have tonight?
3A Basketball / Re: Osceola Seminoles 2018-2019
« Last post by ISU7 on Today at 12:37:39 am »
Noles fall to rivercrest 72-64
Too much D. Brown💯
4A Basketball / Re: 4A-3 scores 12/10
« Last post by cannon on December 11, 2018, 11:43:48 pm »
Sounds like a tough game, was it close all the way through?

Yessir. Back and forth the whole game.
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