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Week 10 Review
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Author Topic: The Electric Poll Week #10  (Read 1356 times)

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The Electric Poll Week #10
« on: November 04, 2017, 04:33:27 pm »
#1.North Little Rock - They have to be the 7A favorite heading into the playoffs, Right?

#2. Bentonville East- Coming together at the right time.

#3. Bentonville West - Could we see two teams from the Northwest corner of the state, juggle one field for playoff games then drive to Little Rock to play each other again?

#4. Greenwood - GW is still struggling in the first half of games. Sorry, just don't think they could beat the 3 teams above.

#5. Pine Bluff - Nobody wants to play PB right now.

#6. PA - They will be the 5A Champion but the question will live forever, can they compete in a rugged conference schedule for 7 weeks and into the playoffs?

#7. Bryant - Bryant puts Conway in their place.

#8. Fayetteville - Getting better each week. Easy first round and get the starters some rest.

#9. ElDorado - Scott Reed will have his team ready. Potential Semifinal matchup with Pine Bluff will be a great game.

#10. Conway - Tough Loss against Bryant, but Bryant did not have their QB.


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