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Author Topic: Little Rock Central Tournament - December 1st  (Read 3003 times)

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Little Rock Central Tournament - December 1st
« on: November 29, 2012, 03:43:17 pm »
Little Rock Central's annual December tournament is this Saturday.

16 teams will be there (from what I heard)

Teams I know of/might be there:

North Pulaski
Springdale Har-Ber

Not sure on the remaining and don't think any of the NWA schools will be there except Har-Ber.......

Starts at 9 AM.

Should be a great tournament to kick off the season!

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Re: Little Rock Central Tournament - December 1st
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2012, 09:25:05 pm »
Results from Central Tournament:

Team Standings - Varsity

Catholic 229.5
Har-Ber 179.0
LR Central 147.0
Maumelle 146.0
Bryant 139.0
Shreveport 108.5
Russellville 103.0
LR Christian 100.0
Millington 69.0
N Little Rock 68.0
Van Buren 44.0
Arkansas School for Blind 38.0
Greenbrier 24.0
North Pulaski 18.0
Woodlawn 13.0

Team Standings - Junior Varsity

Har-Ber JV 199.0
Maumelle JV 145.0
Catholic JV 92.0
LR Central JV 83.0
Millington JV 72.0
N Little Rock JV 68.0
LR Christian JV 65.0
Bryant JV 52.0
Van Buren JV 41.5
Russsellville JV 40.0
Shreveport JV 20.0
Glen Rose JV 13.0
North Pulaski JV 10.0
Ark School for Blind JV 0.0
Woodlawn JV 0.0


Championship Finals

106 Hunter Jones (LR Christian) def. Connor Perkins (Catholic) Pin at 3:21
113 Anthony Reyes (Russellville) def. Luke James (Catholic) 11-4
120 Richard Buzzitta (Catholic) def. Cole Brainerd (Maumelle) Major Dec. 10-1
126 Nick Noel (Greenbrier) def. Zack Simmons (Bryant) 3-2
132 Justin Arnall (LR Central) def. Ray Foster (Arkansas School for Blind) Pin at 0:33
138 Daniel Perez (LR Christian) def. Brendan Rancifer (Maumelle) Pin at 0:44
145 Doug Pehrson (Russellville) def. Brett Blend (Bryant) 13-6
152 J. B. Butler (Maumelle) def. Will Griffin (Catholic) Major Dec. 13-3
160 Tyler Mann (LR Central) def. Barrett Olson (Catholic) Tech Fall 18-3
170 Seth Segovia (Catholic) def. Douglas Matthews (Har-Ber) Major Dec. 8-0
182 Khalil Campbell (N Little Rock) def. Ben Thompson (LR Christian) 6-2
195 Luke Walker (Millington) def. Micheal Volpe (Catholic) Win by Inj Def
220 G. Brunson (Shreveport) def. Luis Hernandez (Millington) Pin at 1:26
285 Ty Harrison (Har-Ber) def. Dillon Kinsey (Van Buren) 5-3

Consolation Finals

106 Kimble Jennings (Har-Ber) def. Misty Kirkpatrick (LR Central) Pin at 5:19
113 Jordy Villanueva (Har-Ber) def. B Bates (Shreveport) 6-4
120 Drake Johnson (Russellville) def. Scottie Thomas (Millington) Pin at 1:28
126 Cristian Arredondo (Har-Ber) def. Si Nhamnouane (Van Buren) Pin at 1:54
132 C. Pannell (Shreveport) def. Nathan Washburn (Har-Ber) Pin at 1:55
138 Chris Baldwin (Bryant) def. Marlon Cuevas (Russellville) Pin at 1:54
145 Cooper Griffin (Catholic) def. Willie Wright (Maumelle) Major Dec. 11-0
152 Kyle Thompson (Bryant) def. J. Clark (Shreveport) Major Dec. 12-4
160 Connor Goshien (Bryant) def. Andrea Johnson (Arkansas School for Blind) 6-5
170 Levi Brady (Bryant) def. Keon McVay (Maumelle) Pin at 5:29
182 Josh Chiles (Catholic) def. P. Goerner (Shreveport) Tech Fall 16-1
195 Nick Smith (Har-Ber) def. Justin Bryles (LR Central) Pin at 1:10
220 Garrett McLaurin (Catholic) def. Treyton Baker (Har-Ber) Pin at 5:18
285 S. Waln (Shreveport) def. Marcus Dandridge (Millington) Win by Forfeit

Junior Varsity

Championship Finals

106 Turner McCracken (Har-Ber JV) def. Dustin Barney (Maumelle JV) Pin at 1:08
113 Michael Ritchie (Russsellville JV) def. Will Lanier (Har-Ber JV) Pin at 2:57
120 Patrick Bartram (Har-Ber JV) def. RJ Felicitas (Catholic JV) Pin at 3:36
126 Wandell Wright (Maumelle JV) def. Dennis Harris (Russsellville JV) Pin at 1:18
132 Oliver Holt (LR Central JV) def. Cody Tazlar (Bryant JV) 7-4
138 Marcus Dennis (Maumelle JV) def. Tracy Cook (Maumelle JV) 13-9
145 Bryton Robert (Har-Ber JV) def. Austin Robinson (LR Central JV) Pin at 3:16
152 JT Dudderer (Bryant JV) def. Curtez Rasool (Maumelle JV) Pin at 1:57
160 Mike Gibby (Catholic JV) def. Darius Williams (Maumelle JV) Pin at 1:20
170 Caleb Smith (Har-Ber JV) def. Spencer Brown (Catholic JV) Pin at 0:48
182 Kalen Hutchinson (N Little Rock JV) def. Bryce Wall (LR Central JV) Pin at 0:55
195 Jared Arnold (LR Christian JV) def. Kyle McFarlin (Catholic JV) 8-3
220 Marcus Lindsey (N Little Rock JV) def. Jamarion Erving (Millington JV) Pin at 0:31
285 Brodney Barnes (Har-Ber JV) def. Keon Quince (Maumelle JV) Pin at 1:27

Consolation Finals

106 Andrew Elmore (Catholic JV) def. P. Pannell (Shreveport JV) Pin at 0:26
113 Jacob Jones (Van Buren JV) def. Jack Meckfessel (LR Christian JV) Pin at 1:04
120 J. Gaynor (Shreveport JV) def. River Brooks (Van Buren JV) Pin at 1:43
126 Taylor Lackey (North Pulaski JV) def. Will solomon (Millington JV) Pin at 2:0
132 Sean Srock (Millington JV) def. Tanner Collins (Har-Ber JV) Pin at 0:57
138 Ross Walker (Har-Ber JV) def. Seth Anderson (Van Buren JV) Pin at 4:14
145 Jaxon Cook (Millington JV) def. Dave Buchanan (Van Buren JV) Pin at 0:48
152 Mark Alip (Millington JV) def. Justus Green (N Little Rock JV) Pin at 0:28
160 Grant Thornton (Har-Ber JV) def. Aimee Wright (Glen Rose JV) Pin at 1:16
170 Monpre Blade (LR Central JV) def. Dequan Whitley (N Little Rock JV) 12-7
182 Austin Hill (LR Christian JV) def. Joren Kaufman (LR Christian JV) BYE
195 David Vowell (Har-Ber JV) def. Jacob Reed (Maumelle JV) Pin at 1:01
220 Stone Boshears (LR Christian JV) def. Chakota Harp (Har-Ber JV) Pin at 1:14
285 Kinan Sanders (LR Central JV) def. Will Clements (Catholic JV) Pin at 1:30


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