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Could be fake but don't think so. It began on fb and then the comment was deleted. Said she joined in 2007. Has pictures sharing stuff of the teams and calling Coach King her bro in law. A man with the last name of King has on his page he's in a relationship with her or atleast he did a few days ago. If your wondering why I took the time to scroll thru her manic looking feed it's because I'm a woman and that's what we do lol 🤷🏼‍♀️
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Mt. Ida vs Foreman at THE ROCK!!
« Last post by jsw6f0 on Today at 10:04:25 pm »
Technically speaking if you are the GF to the coaches brother does that not make you close to the program.
1A Basketball / Re: Scores Week of 11/27
« Last post by SackAttack on Today at 10:00:45 pm »
Soooo did Tipton play Tuesday or not and will he play Friday?? Im calling for somebody to investigate or maybe yet Ill make the short drive to Guy Friday and give yall a first hand report. Who is buying the popcorn?
1A Basketball / Re: Who is the best coach in 1A?
« Last post by Bigleague on Today at 10:00:40 pm »
Lol.   Good point    And so true
3A Basketball / Re: Scores week of 12/11
« Last post by smallybells on Today at 09:57:00 pm »
Is this a score thread or the trash talk line? :-)
1A Basketball / Re: Who is the best coach in 1A?
« Last post by SackAttack on Today at 09:56:55 pm »
I agree on Rocky Dodson. He is a very good coach. Norfork was always competing with him and he also has a team this year that could be a contender.
I agree but his teams at Cotter were turrrible!! And this helps make my point. Im assuming he would probably tell you he had really good players at Norfolk and Omaha and not so good ones at Cotter
1A Basketball / Re: Who is the best coach in 1A?
« Last post by SackAttack on Today at 09:54:46 pm »
Ok all jokes aside and on a very serious note here!! Do this---- Give the top 10 coaches in your opinion three consecutive bad classes in 7th 8th and 9th grade. NO size, no skill, weak, inexperienced, dont let anybody move in(Guy,Kirby,Bay,ICC) and in three years on a level playing field youd have your answer. Everything else is just conjecture and opinion! Everybody thinks their opinion is right. Some of the guys that Banner Chaser mentioned have always had talent so we dont really know do we!! Its a proven fact that "most anybody" can coach really talented teams but for my money Ill take a guy that can take bad to average teams and make them good over time.Example without calling any names--- this coach and school had a great run four five years ago and everybody was crowing about the second coming of John Wooden and for the last three now his teams are some of the most unorganized underperforming teams ive ever seen. Junior high team is really good so I suspect he will somehow miraculously figure it out again in a couple more seasons. Do you see where Im at with this ?? If not put your Glasses on Stevie Wonder. Just my nickels worth plus two cents change
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Mt. Ida vs Foreman at THE ROCK!!
« Last post by jsw6f0 on Today at 09:48:37 pm »
Just stirring the pot Gatorball!!!. Don't know is she is real or not. Just made for some interesting reading.
Close to the program indeed.

LOL, so how did you come to that conclusion? Or are you just trying to stir the pot too?
Almost sounds like she is close to the program.

I don't know anyone that knows who she is but I can say one thing for sure about this person, if she is an actual person. If she was really close to the program then she would know that 60-14 is a ridiculous expectation. Also if she was close to the program then she would know better than saying something like that on Hooten's which everyone knows that the other team would see and it would only fire them up. So, considering all of that it would seem to me that we should be able to conclude that she would be anyone except someone who is close to the program. Or as Couchcoach would say...from the other program.

However, my best guess is just that it is someone who just ran their mouth off to stir things up! And here we are allowing her to do that....lol
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