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Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: The 2 6AA going to be Tough
« Last post by big E on Today at 05:23:18 am »
Still holding out hope that you can beat Earle in basketball. Good luck with that and there's gonna be a whoopin in 2 weeks but probably not the way you like it. Prolly won't be as bad as baseball when we scored 25 runs on yall in 2 innings and yall quit,now that's a whoopin.
Which one was that?
B.Black...there leader in receiving.
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: My Preseason Top 10--3A
« Last post by 501Arkansas on Today at 02:25:34 am »
Dont sleep on the Osceola Seminoles
I here you guys I just hope yaw show up this year Palestine /Wheatley , Brinkley, marianna-home coming , Marvell , Des arc are all home games soo let the whip'ns began add Carlisle an England thats a for sure 7 wins lol an big e we neva have had 50 players neva had 40 noo excuses lol an have yaw ever won the 2a-6 conference championship I think once in 2004 an Brinkley neva have an smash mouth really come on we put the mercy rule on yaw in the 3rd last year 48-0 lol  im just saying you guys an big e we been average'n bout 20 on the team an our enrollment is 3rd from the bottom Brinkley then Marvell lol then we win the 2a state championship in hoops you guys come on 32-2 lol
Prayers to his friends and family.
Very interesting read!  It would be interesting to see what these two towns looked like back in the day, especially before the lake was formed!
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Glion Memorial Pick'Em Week 1
« Last post by Ghs21 on Today at 12:08:23 am »

Texarkana (20)@ Shiloh Christian
Stuttgart(14) @ Dewitt
Gosnell(2) @ nettleton
Sylvan Hills @(7) Arkadelphia
Hamburg @ Ashdown(10)
Batesville Southside vs Warren(30)
Batesville @ Lr Christian(20)
Pulaski Academy(3) @ Har-Ber
McGehee(6) @ Magnoli
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: The 2 6AA going to be Tough
« Last post by MomaLion on Today at 12:00:54 am »
And my comment was to the dumb ars big baby.
He's not entirely out in left field...he knows a lot but gets a kick out of getting under y'alls skin.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Scrimmage Games
« Last post by MomaLion on August 15, 2018, 11:59:33 pm »
Yes, a fluke,  just like the time before that, that Clarendon, I mean jamarlin Jackson beat des arc. 

Never ever. He was one in a lifetime,  enjoy it, he was great and yall still didn't win a title or even play for one. But I sure cant wait to watch Cartwright play hoops!

LOL...just can't give these kids any credit.  Get over it, we were better, end of discussion.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Des Arc vs England week 0
« Last post by bigworm on August 15, 2018, 11:11:04 pm »
This game ,as well as every game it seems, will come down to defense. We have a couple guys that can roll and i feel like we will score. Des arc will pound it and im sure will score their share as well. If we play D like last year, we better hope our O is poppin.
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