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Congrats to all of the AR HS Football players who have signed letter of intent to play in college.
With a 3-0 weekend, kk2 comes from behind to win the Pick'em championship. kk2 292 ISU7 291 Coach Jones 291 RamblinWest 290 hill
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3A Basketball / Re: 3A Post Season Sites
« Last post by ISU7 on Today at 12:18:51 am »
Because they are 3a schools that play in 4a for football....
So did Rivercrest but Crest is 3A in bb.
Blytheville played 5A in Fb but playing 4A in bb. Have you noticed Jonesboro and Nettleton in the same conference in bb. C'mon man where you been.🤣😂
3A Basketball / Re: Manila@Osceola
« Last post by ISU7 on Today at 12:15:45 am »
4A Basketball / Re: Morriliton @ Pottsville tonight
« Last post by slemmer1987 on Today at 12:15:37 am »
Well here goes another Homer comment. Coach McNabb record withstanding i have not gone back and looked at her career as a coach, frankly i have a few things better to do. Like root for our girls this year!  Let me say this for her . she volunteers in the community coaching softball  as well as volunteering  at many events and activities around Morrilton through  Parks and Rex's , & etc.  I wonder how many of you arm chair critics do the same?  Is she the greatest coach in girls basketball probably not but chances are she better than any of you posting on this thread.  So after you finish your long day at work weed eating or whatever you do. Go volunteer in your community and make a positive difference in someone else's life other than you own.

no one likes Green/Bluebrier
EPC 55 Earle 46 final senior boys
Wow good win for the Warriors.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Interesting find
« Last post by JessieP on Today at 12:08:31 am »
My son was always a good football player, but he was not dominant until his 9th grade year and his Senior year. But he was also not D1 level.

Any P.E. coach will look at a class, and see children that look athletically gifted. But I find it unlikely that PA is out scouting for 9 year olds.

But there are some other realities for private schools. To exist, a private school MUST recruit on some level. And PA's academic and athletic accomplishments are powerful recruiting tools......for the PARENTS.

The real question is: How many players in the PA football program have PARENTS that played college football? Does PA seek out UA/ASU/UCA football grads?

Keep in mind that a lot of NFL players send their kids to these insanely talented private schools across the nation. Has PA's football success created a situation where they don't have to recruit?

In your earlier post you mentioned something that I would call the "Ah ha!" moment of this discussion. You pointed out that skill position players develop earlier then lineman. I would agree. But what is the type player the two private schools in the 5A depend on most? Athletic, fast skill position players. I would be harder to judge whether a 10 year old will grow to be 6'5 and angry. Not so hard to pick the kid that will be fast and athletic.

Like I have said numerous times, I have no proof that any private school recruits. I also hope people on these boards think it's just a small few of us ranting about this, an overwhelming number of people believe they do as well. These schools are breaking no laws or rules. The fact that schools with small enrollment numbers produce more scholarship players than schools two, three or four times the size. Yes they have great coaches but they aren't that great. PA, a school where 32% of the high school students play football out of approximately 340 enrolled has produced more scholarship players over the past 5 years then North Little Rock high school where 3.5% out of 2600 play football. Now that's a mathematical anomaly.
3A Basketball / Re: 3A Post Season Sites
« Last post by Head Lion on January 18, 2019, 11:53:35 pm »
I continue to say 4 classes & a private school division. JMO
4A Basketball / Re: 4A-1
« Last post by Go Postal on January 18, 2019, 11:47:04 pm »
Anyone have updated standings for the league? I think there’s a 3 way tie at the top for girls and boys might also have a 3 way tie. Gonna be a wild finish.
I'm sorry that I've haven't done a standing like we always did in the 5A West.  I'll try to update it if I can line all other sports and if anyone from 4A wants to give input, be all the better.
4A Basketball / Re: 4A Girls top 10
« Last post by Charlie1001 on January 18, 2019, 11:45:02 pm »
But Harrison Lady Goblins are 5-1.  This season for us from the old 5A fans has been by exciting.

This should shake things up at the top.  Both are still top 4 teams.
2A Basketball / Re: clarendon basketball 2018
« Last post by YSpanther on January 18, 2019, 11:44:26 pm »
I'll see what I can do.  I've submitted scores and updates in the past, I just didn't know if I could change the conference games or if it had to be the school or AAA.
It should be the schoothat l that fixes it.  Sometimes it is an administrator or athletic director that does schedules and updates the conference box check etc. instead of the coach. The AAA threatens fines, but pretty much it is only in regards to submitting scores.  It is frustrating when someone in your conference can't work the stuff so fans don't know the standings. Trust me, the coaches know who is in the lead, and how the tiebreakers stand too.
4A Basketball / Re: 4A Girls top 10
« Last post by Go Postal on January 18, 2019, 11:31:48 pm »
But Harrison Lady Goblins are 5-1.  This season for us from the old 5A fans has been by exciting.
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