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Carlisle has clinched a spot in the 6.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 1-4A Week 9
« Last post by nuttinbuthogs on Today at 07:48:36 pm »
I've already said I am pretty sure Lincoln wins this week and I think anything from 20-25 points is about right.  Gentry hasn't been apple to get it all together so unless that happens I don't see them with a real chance at winning.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Tmycjy pick for week 9
« Last post by tmycjy on Today at 07:47:35 pm »
TO all fans who read my post do to the Blytheville thing I have up date record on school
SEC / Re: 2018 Outlook: The Frest Start......again.
« Last post by AirWarren on Today at 07:47:34 pm »
DL has been pretty good

And honestly, coach Fry has done a heck of a job with what we got. Itís been a while since our quarterback has been on his back near death especially in SEC play. We have a way to go, but man I think it looks tons better than it did. We just had to align the right guys in the right spot.  With a few more additions and a full year to recruit(not just a few months), he will get us some linemen.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Earle @ Des Arc
« Last post by Hasbeen92 on Today at 07:47:27 pm »
Perry is pretty good also I would play beside him any day
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 42 Sports Poll.
« Last post by cuz on Today at 07:46:50 pm »
Why would you put Fordyce at 3? who have they beat that gets them that high?
Their schedule is very competitive to most. A loss to Rison whoís undefeated in  3a and CHG who is also undefeated in 3a. Holding JC to a last min win says a lot. JC Ďs record is a little deceiving considering who they loss to. Smackover will most likely be in the finals...Having said all that I actually think it could go almost to any of the top 5 adding Fordyce to it also. The next two weeks will tell a lot....
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Earle @ Des Arc
« Last post by Hasbeen92 on Today at 07:43:49 pm »
Thanks pick. All I know is the food is good. Coach Harper and Pastor Penn turned me on to that place
I very much like Pastor Penn and Harper was a good coach and doing a good job at Mena
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Top 10
« Last post by Hasbeen92 on Today at 07:38:41 pm »
People just tell themselves that Junction is only good because they pull kids from  Louisiana. Honestly itís one of the dumbest things iíve ever heard. Just because they are from another state doesnít make them better than the ones on this side of the border. They have gotten so good because they have had the players and coaches put in hard work, and have a small town tradition helps. People are horrible at making excuses to why they arenít winning, so thatís excuse is what people believe. Just a question, how big is Junction City? Howís many kids do they have and how big is the town?
I think they are good because of coach Carpenter and that is why kids from wherever go there when I played Barton back in 91 they had a few players from Memphis area because they had a great coach and were delivering Rings who doesn't want a Ring I wish I had one
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Booneville @ Lamar
« Last post by MICHAELSPAPPY on Today at 07:32:47 pm »
Are you going to make it to this game?

No, I will be out of pocket this weekend. But I hope to watch the Warriors take down Chuck.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Marianna @ Hazen
« Last post by Hasbeen92 on Today at 07:31:39 pm »
I don't doubt that you know a lot about Hazen football. I only know that I experienced the coaching change at Hazen 12 years ago and it was painfully obvious how poorly coached Hazen had been before then. It took the current coach a while to get things working but it is incredibly obvious how much better he is at taking advantage of the skills his players have and how much better he is at developing an offense each year around the players he has rather than forcing a specific playbook to work every year.
Yea Rainey was terrible but Stamps was okay and Vaughan was a very good Hazen used to have a good class every 2 out of 4 years now it's 4 out of 5 B is a good coach (better on defense our offense is sometimes predictable) but he's been working with some very good talent in my humble opinion
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