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Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hootens week 13 top 10 rankings
« Last post by Oldman on Today at 05:00:42 am »
Itís that time of year. Soon everyone will be arguing that their team should be ranked #3 instead of #5. Just remember in a couple of years no one remembers.
I didnít see this beat down coming
I don't think anyone did
Gonna be a close game whoever wins Nashville by 6
4A Basketball / Re: Best 2 teams from each Conference
« Last post by MikeDieselô on Today at 02:47:40 am »
Southside lost there top 3 guys.  Putting them at the top is foolish.  Blytheville is as overrated as they come.  Keep in mind, they were beaten by Brookland last year and Brookland returns everyone.  Westside is by far the favorite here.  Felts and Felkins are arguably the best players in the conference. Blytheville will be have athletes sure, but lack discipline or the coach to give them any.  Batesville and Southside will not factor in.

1. Westside
2. Brookland or Valley View
3. Blytheville

The better question is who from this group makes the state tournament?  With the other side being LOADED!! 

Wow.  You have some kind of vendetta against Coach Pierce, I guess.  That victory over Jonesboro last night was a fluke maybe?  The Chicks can play a little.  And Pierce is doing a great job. 
4A Basketball / Re: 8-4A Basketball Schedules, and Score thread
« Last post by Crossett Eagle on Today at 02:25:00 am »
Folks we are missing Fairview Scores for 2 games

Hamburg 65
Dermott 66

Hamburg is now 0-3


Star City 76
Dollarway 55

SC is 1-0

Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 5A Fan Poll: Semifinals
« Last post by #1 Hog fan on Today at 01:16:12 am »
1. PA
2. Harrison
3. Little Rock Christian
4. Texarkana
5. Morrilton
6. Little Rock McClellan
7. Little Rock Parkview
8. Blytheville
9. Wynne
10. Camden Fairview
Ehhh....(Baitshop shrugs his shoulders) yeah, Iíll take the Bears +51...

How much are you willing to throw at that bowl of bravado..??
Junior high soccer isnít sanctioned by AAA
I watched the Newport game on you tube and they arenít a very good tackling team. They do look big and fast but not good tacklers. This game should be interesting but I see the bucks running wild.
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Best odds at an Upset
« Last post by ISU7 on Today at 12:22:34 am »
It's hard to win if you don't score.
Believe it or not I've seen defenses score many times. Lol
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