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4A Basketball / Re: Shot Clock in High School
« Last post by SUGARTOWN on Today at 10:20:05 am »
What I think will be difficult when and if they implement the clock throughout the season, will be having enough people competent enough or at least disciplined enough to operate the clock.  It is a nightmare sometimes in my D2 games and below to get through games without snafus.  It also takes a lot discipline by officials to recognize those shot clock snafus and properly correct the errors.

This is what I've been saying, it will difficult or almost impossible to get the shot clock ran properly (at least initially). While I'm all for a shot clock, very few people actually know the rules on resetting the shot clock. Of course they can learn, but it may be rough the first year or so.
4A Basketball / Re: Shot Clock in High School
« Last post by SUGARTOWN on Today at 10:17:04 am »
I honestly just wanted to see a 45 second shot clock. To me that's a fair one at the high school level. If you can't get a shot off in 45 seconds that is terrible.

I think it is about the strategy to stall, or delay.  Good teams that play that way run an offensive set that keeps the ball and players moving looking for an easy shot.  They are trying to make sure they get points when they have possession and at the same time prevent the opposition team from having the ball.    This rule is sort of like football where teams work hard to control the clock and keep the opponents offense off the field.  Do you also believe in every team having to run no huddle and hurry up offenses in football?

No, but in football you have to snap the ball every 25 seconds (after the ball is marked), you just can't hold it until the clock runs out.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 2018 8-2A
« Last post by Backwoods Bart on Today at 09:09:43 am »
Something needs to happen . A lot of conference teams missed 2 Games last year after Woodlawn folded .

This reached the tipping point about three years ago for the 8. If the AAA hasn't addressed it by now, without pressure from the schools, this will continue. It would be interesting to see just how much these cancellations are costing the schools, that are idle on scheduled game nights in lost revenue. I know that some are bridging the gap with fill in games, but we are seeing open weeks as a result too. Thinning the heard, and a major reclassification is overdue.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Kevin K
« Last post by beaverfan007 on Today at 08:27:50 am »
They recruit well  :D
Make a bid for a World Cup 2026 match. Ha.

Spain vs Portugal in Little Rock.
Thereís too many bowls. No one wants to watch a 5-7 team because there arenít enough 6-6 teams to fill out all the bowls.

I understand, but I think some bowls may dip out of the next couple of years due to lack of revenue. Leaving War Memorial open.
SEC / Re: 2018 College World Series
« Last post by AirWarren on Today at 07:05:20 am »
Texas Tech 6
Florida 3

Man. Texas tech is either good or Florida has fizzled out.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 7 on 7
« Last post by STUNNA on Today at 06:38:13 am »
Is Jo Brown gonna see the field this season? He seems to have some really good size.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 8 Man Football
« Last post by friscokid on Today at 05:57:12 am »
What happens when schools can't get enough kids out for 8 man football?   Go to 6 man football like lots of small schools in West Texas?

And what about field width?    8-man is played on a field only 40 yards wide.   Are the schools involved going to go to the trouble of remarking fields which of course means putting fans further away from the action?
Different states have different rules. Arkansas could decide to keep the regulation field for 8-man for the time being.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 8 Man Football
« Last post by MomaLion on Today at 01:13:41 am »
Pretty sure there are some racial balance guidelines. Its all confusing to me.
Brinkley tried going to court a while back to stop kids from being able to use school choice to leave Brinkley siting school segregation.  It didn't work.
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