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With a 3-0 weekend, kk2 comes from behind to win the Pick'em championship. kk2 292 ISU7 291 Coach Jones 291 RamblinWest 290 hill
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Ole Bo Didley

This is the @MeToo era.

Bo Jangles, you mean?
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Beebe HC Open
« Last post by incogneto on Today at 06:21:57 pm »
So assuming you want to change things, who wants to go first? Who wants to say, we're not playing this game anymore. The head coach is going to teach several classes and coach in his spare time on a stipend. I can see the applicants lining up now.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: #1 the truths big revelation
« Last post by gerber707 on Today at 06:17:41 pm »
Now you know this is a message board for sports. Don't be a Trump hater. This is a Republican dominated board.
4A Basketball / Re: Batesville Southside AT Westside 12/18
« Last post by J12 on Today at 06:13:58 pm »

This is the @MeToo era.
Class 7A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Cabotís next HC?
« Last post by Maynard G Krebs on Today at 05:52:31 pm »
57 is pretty old.

I have bad habits older that that.

2A Basketball / Re: Post Season Sites
« Last post by Cheek on Today at 05:51:48 pm »
 Carlisle works for me,  but Poyen will get it this year.
3A Basketball / NAC Tournament in Harrison
« Last post by YSpanther on Today at 05:47:36 pm »
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