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My coaching staff and myself are thinking about putting in a grass infield on our softball field. We were just curious what other coaches thought about this idea? Wondering if anyone already plays on a grass infield. Wanting to know pro/cons and just overall information about it.

You have slow infielders?

No, not necessarily. We have just played on a couple and really liked the looks of them and the way they played. Also, looking for something we can play on with a little bit of rain. 

I've always wondered why softball wasn't played on grass in the first place. Are the bases so short that the ball needs to get to the infielders quicker, so grass would put you at a disadvantage defensively?

That is what I am wondering. I've talked to several people and they tell me they hate grass infields, but don't have a reason. Basically, they just say softball is suppose to be played on dirt. I would imagine they like dirt because of the short bases and the pace of the game. I feel like if you take good care of a grass infield and keep it cut short, it would look good and play good.


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