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2A Basketball / Re: BIC-KIPP Delta
« Last post by old.dole on Today at 11:43:58 am »
Officiating in Arkansas is over all pretty bad. Saw a game last week where one of the official made several bad calls against a team and when the coach tried to talk to him about he laughed for the next 3 trips down the floor when he passed the teams bench. There has to be something change with triple A to be able to rate officials because our kids are getting screwed.
Anywhere but Arkansas.....

3A Basketball / Re: Scores Week of 11/27
« Last post by 501Arkansas on Today at 11:10:58 am »
The same can be said about Manila IQ in football. It's funny how you get on here trying to down Rcrest basketball, Question for you Mr IQ man and this should be really easy for you. Which school from Mississippi Co. in the 3-3A has won the last State title for this conference.(hint it was in 2011 their colors are Red and Gray} You might be surprise :o. lol ;D ;D
Win one first then you can talk ;D
#Crest win state in all sports.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
3A Basketball / Re: Scores Week of 11/27
« Last post by 501Arkansas on Today at 11:09:58 am »
Quality win for the lions tonight. Rivercrest just doesnít have the same basketball IQ that Manila has. Once Manila went on a run late in the 2nd half it was over. Iím not one to say things like this but the way Rivercrest played showed terrible class. Some of that has to do with the staff. I feel that allowing your players to act like that is unacceptable.
Hey Mr.IQ man i guess Manila doesn't has the same IQ as Osceola huh? They can't beat them
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Need a history buff
« Last post by HSFBF on Today at 11:01:26 am »
 I know in the late 50s and into early 1960s, Clarendon was playing football in the B classification. In those days they played Holly Grove on Thanksgiving every year. Then it seems like in the late 60s and no later than early 70s, the Class A included Clarendon for sure. So, not sure unless I get the books out, but that is a LONG time before the late 1990s.. LOL

The big central AR schools and a couple of others during the 60s and 70s went from the Big 5 then 6 and then 7. At that point, divisions also went to A, AA, AAA and AAAA. So that would be 5 overall classifications, leaving out B completely. From there on I have CRS as they say. I know in the 1960s Stuttgart was in IIAA, think there were 4 divisions within AA then, I thru IV....
HSFBF    Merry Christmas all on the FF boards.  :D
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Bauxite Miners
« Last post by Wonderdog on Today at 10:56:03 am »
Gorilla glue you mean?
Gorilla tape, you mean
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Bauxite Miners
« Last post by KASH dba The Lumberjack on Today at 10:31:12 am »
Gorilla glue you mean?
2A Basketball / Re: 4A Lonoke at 2A Carlisle
« Last post by HoopKing on Today at 10:12:42 am »
I was a little skeptical of carlisle but I think they are a top 5 2a team when they are on.
Movies / Re: Star Wars. The Last Jedi
« Last post by bdubyab60 on Today at 10:06:22 am »
I liked it. What Iím hearing from most folks though. Is that they donít like the answers they have gotten or lack there of. Some spoilers from here. Many people had their theories and all of them were wrong. Thatís why a lot of folks donít like this movie. Rey isnít a Skywalker or a Solo she just happens to be someone who is powerful with the force. Everyone wanted Snoke to be the new emperor, well heís not. Kylo is the actually bad guy and now irredeemable if he already wasnít. They say this in the trailer this is not going to go the way you think. The biggest complaint about the force awakens was it was to much like a new hope. So someone changes the narrative and folks are not happy.

This movie is far from perfect but itís good. My biggest issues with this movie are. The first order are pretty much idiots, the movie does some things just to have some cool shots or a battle and they do seem more interested in pushing an agenda than making a good movie at times. Some of the dialogue is strange as well. One line that I shook my head at is from Rey when she is talking to Luke. She comes out and says Kylo Ren is powerful in the dark side and we need to stop him. Uh yeah Luke doesnít know this? Really

I mean to do really need a save the animals narrative in the middle of a Star Wars movie that already has political undertones. Do we need casino scene thatís bashing the 1%. Fill that with more action and more Star Wars things.

Overall I see nothing wrong with moving on from the old and in with the new. Some of the side characters need work or to be killed off. Iíve seen it twice and Iíd give it 3 out of 4
2A Basketball / Re: 4A Lonoke at 2A Carlisle
« Last post by Sonofasonofasailor on Today at 10:00:47 am »
Carlisle missed some easy shots early and then started Turing the ball over.  The pressure finally got to them.  They handled it well for 3 quarters.  The final score does really indicate how good of a game it was.

Bigger school likely had more depth but those issues point to fatigue.  Physical fatigue leads to mental fatigue, a page right out of the Nolan Richardson playbook.
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