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Author Topic: 115th Battle of the Bulldogs (Springdale @ Fayetteville) broadcast info  (Read 446 times)

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The 115th Battle of the Bulldogs will be broadcast on the Bulldog Sports Network beginning at 630 pm Friday night. You can watch the game by clicking the link below.

Some quick facts:
Springdale leads the series 71-42-1

The teams first met in 1908 and have met every year (sometimes twice a year) except for 1911, 1916, 1918-19 and 1922

Springdale has the two longest winning streaks in the series, 13 from 1980-92 and 12 from 1923-31

Fayetteville has won the last eight (their longest win streak in the series)

Learned this week that Harmon Field was named after the family who previously owned the land where the stadium currently sits.



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