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Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: 4A-3
« Last post by Rick Swines on Today at 10:50:24 am »
I know it's different boards but do the kids from walnut ridge and the one from paragould play for their high school teams or are they 8th graders.  They were to great pitchers for 13 year old baseball last year.  I figure they were older for their age like the hodge kid from JC. 
3A Basketball / Re: 4Clinton 1Episcopal
« Last post by PeedeecreekBoy99 on Today at 10:49:28 am »
Whatever you want
Do not count out the first round teams in the bottom half of the bracket. From what I know of England & Cutter, either could make a run to the end. England only lost by 4 to Lighthouse and Cutter lost by 2 in OT to Bearden. WCC and MT both have salty reps, too. I don't think there's an obvious pick in the bunch. I do feel like England & Cutter both have something to prove. I freakin' love this time of year! Let the games begin.

1A Basketball / Re: State, Day 2
« Last post by Eagle_Mom_2 on Today at 10:38:20 am »
Concord girls, my goodness I hope they lose. If our girls can't be there I sure don't want anyone wearing that color purple to win. That said, although I think Coach Scrotchner has done a wonderful job this year, why in the world have they not been there sooner? I thought the last 2 years they could've really given people the ole 1-2, 1-2-3 in the postseason, if ya know what I mean. 
4A Basketball / Re: 4A North Region- West Fork
« Last post by bigchief72455 on Today at 10:34:29 am »
Totally agree the hawk Dads need to be there just in case there's a throwdown! 6'6 daddys are the real deal! Size Matters! lol! Baptist has got it locked up for the private schools! No Doubt. I got CAC for the girls if Williams their best player is back. If not I got Star City winning it all.
Aww c,mon Saint. Can't the Lady Skins get some love.
1A Basketball / Re: State, Day 2
« Last post by BannerMountainMan on Today at 10:28:53 am »
I will be there tonight! Hoping Shirley and Concord can pull it off!
Concord played good last night!! And I thought Scranton was good..at one point there were 7 threes made in a row..4 from Scranton and 3 from Concord
1A Basketball / Re: Shirley primed to make a run?
« Last post by BannerMountainMan on Today at 10:27:34 am »
wish I could make it tonight but I don't think I will be able too. Will the game be live streamed on facebook again?
im not sure but they were showing the game at the Shirley gym which is pretty cool..
3A Basketball / Re: Semi Picks
« Last post by teachers pet on Today at 10:27:34 am »
And your point...Jessieville won in district tournament with no one out sick so the teams have each beaten each other once!
3A Basketball / Re: 4Clinton 1Episcopal
« Last post by Oldman on Today at 10:26:25 am »
we have a lot to be proud of actually. You can be a keyboard warrior about basketball all you want, but if you have something to say about a county I would beg you to come take us on.
Come take you on in what?
1A Basketball / Re: State, Day 2
« Last post by Catfish on Today at 10:25:20 am »
I will be there tonight! Hoping Shirley and Concord can pull it off!
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