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What we do as a school and football program at Pulaski Academy is nothing like Bishop Gorman. Also Jesse I think you may not be respecting some of the public school football programs in Arkansas as you should.  Also in response to the Bishop Gorman coaches comments.  I know several public school programs in Texas compete at a high level every year and have as much pride as anyone in maintaining elite success.  Also you should look into what Nevada football is like before translating his statements to Arkansas.  Batesville in 2012 and Morriton in 2013 seemed to me to compete just fine with us.  Jesse do you think that over the years Batesville, Wynne, Greenwood, Fayetteville, Nashville, Bentonville, Camden Fairview, Warren, and LR Central haven't had elite programs ?  Those schools could of all gone to other states and competed with the best teams around their size.  Most of those aforementioned schools have produced great players that are in college or the NFL and been to multiple championships on a row.  Arkansas high school football is on the rise and most programs are gaining more support from their communities.  Jesse not all schools are going to be located in rural areas so comparisons are not equivalent. Also over the years don't you think that people have moved to Batesvillle from surrounding areas or school districts to for academics and to play in the wonderful athletic program Coach King has developed.  Didn't Batesville's baseball team under Stu Smith win multiple state titles.  Batesville has great facilities and community pride.  Don't sale the pioneers legacy short.  Lastly something for you to consider how many private schools end up hiring coaches from public schools and public schools hire private school coaches.  Simply another perspective on the discussion at hand. 

I agree. There is no doubt PA has accomplished some amazing things. They deserve respect. My point and the point of many people across the state is that PA has a very distinct advantage. Should there be a separate division for private schools ? yes. Over the past 10 years the most visible high school football program has been Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas. They have a few National Championships and consistently dominate the state of Nevada. Head Coach Kenny Sanchez speaking to Bleacher Report said "We have parents actually move here from out of state to give their sons the best possible football exposure. Often we are able to help them out with financial aid and supportive tutoring. Our young men prosper here and many have gone on to do great things in college and the NFL. Is a private school more able to build a winning program ? of course. Public schools are far too limited to compete at this level year in and year out". Why can't PA backers at least admit what everyone else already knows ?
The two best years Spurs have had in the Premier League will probably not result in titles.

Couple things to remember:  Boro are fighting relegation and will bring their best, and West Brom are a tough nut to crack at home.  If those end up draws and Spurs win out to tie Chelsea in points at 89, at this point Tottenham have superior goal difference.  Just something to throw out there.

If they win one of those two, Chelsea are home free no matter what, because they aren't losing to Watford, and especially not to Sunderland, at The Bridge.

In the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich have clinched the title.  It came about with the combination of their win at Wolfsburg and RB Leipzig failing to win against Ingolstadt.

Still it's a banner first season in the Bundesliga for Leipzig.  Keep in mind, this team did not even EXIST until 2009.
Casa Tigers

Perry Bears. This was an elementary school only. The students then went to Casa for 7-12 grades
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: 4-3A district results
« Last post by athletic supporter on Today at 10:50:43 pm »
Good luck to all the 4-3A teams in Greenland this weekend
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: The best
« Last post by Skip Baymore on Today at 10:46:03 pm »
Brooks Robinson & Tori Hunter

My dad lived about 2 blocks away from Brooks as a kid, near the Deaf School in L.R.  My dad and his friends (3 or 4 years older than Brooks), would be throwing the baseball around at the Deaf School.  Brooks wanted to come play with them and they would try to get rid of him - do the old "I think we heard your mom calling Brooks."  Lol.  They might have let him hang if they had known what was to come.  Also, my brother played against Kevin McReynolds in a LR vs. NLR all-star game, prob. in about 1975 or 76.  My brother was shortstop for the LR team (Charles Ripley the coach).  He said McReynolds drove the hardest line drive he had ever seen right at him, like a bullet and a knuckle-ball at the same time.  My brother actually caught it but said he feared for his life for a split second. 
Arkansas High School Softball / Re: 2017 - 3A MONEY POLL
« Last post by Horse Shoe on Today at 10:42:06 pm »
Smackover played 6a El Dorado and defeated them.
I saw that game.  9-1.  Mallory shut them down. Their only run was unearned.
And the Lady Cats are no pushover.
B. Toll from hazen is 14 and in the 9th grade and won the discus. Young man is going to be a BEAST.
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: 2a north Region at Palestine.
« Last post by pick_DA_EAGLES on Today at 10:35:11 pm »
Des Arc is really young too. Should be some good years coming up.
Also heard Harrison is making everyone wear 1/8 inch spikes. Strange since every other meet held there wears 1/4 inch throughout the year.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Mena Football Coach
« Last post by Tigerdad2 on Today at 10:24:08 pm »
You may be right. You guys got smoked at home in the 2nd round last year. Surely you can get that 5th seed though.
By a slow 1-4a school
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