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Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Stuttgart ejections
« Last post by Trojanbird on Today at 10:29:35 am »
11-0?  That's hard to believe, did Stuttgart take their own refs on the team bus?
After the Whistle / Re: Bauxite Miners(String Thread)
« Last post by Trojanbird on Today at 10:25:58 am »
Rollie Fongers, you mean
Rollie Fingers you meant!
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: The Burg @ Hackett
« Last post by alaskanstorm on Today at 10:25:01 am »
Alaskanstorm you make it really hard to like you. I figured after the lavaca game you would tuck tail and go hide under a rock but you canít stop talking about the burg!! whatís weird is that you talk about us more then we do and trust me we talk a lot about our boys! Its ok though I know we are so good you canít stop thinking about us ;) itís kinda cute really we are like your first girlfriend , you just canít stop thinking about us!
I picked yíall to win what more could you ask for.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Stuttgart ejections
« Last post by bigchief72455 on Today at 10:23:05 am »
No they didn't, and I don't believe Stuttgart even had any personal fouls penalties. Riverview had 11 personal fouls/unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.
That is just shameful.
Jonathan Adams, Jr.  He played for Jonesboro High School.  A bit taller and slimmer than his dad, who was a fast tank!
Seems like I remember hearing that he and Korliss Marshall were related?
Class 6A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 2018 WM-WMS Gridiron Merge
« Last post by Mr_Deb on Today at 10:21:00 am »
Local sports site has the WM defense rated at #5 in the entire metro... nice stuff guys! ;)
Coach Davis was ousted because they couldn't line up and run a play.

They are averaging 9 PPG this year. Not sure much has changed then.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Joe T Robinson @ Bauxite 7-4A
« Last post by HeberFan on Today at 10:19:33 am »
Who is his son?

Jonathan Adams, Jr.  He played for Jonesboro High School.  A bit taller and slimmer than his dad, who was a fast tank!
Have you actually watched them play?  They are good or I would say they are good enough  to be the favorite that they are.  Booker T is a good team.  Look who they've lost too.   NLR(7-0),  Horn Lake (#1 team in Mississippi 7-0) and then Bixby(6-1 and their only loss is to Jenks).   For the last couple of years it's either been them or Bixby winning the 6a title and even though they are a div 2 team in their good. 

Let's be real nothing on any of the 7a West schools schedule(non conference or conference)  is stronger than any of NLR wins.  Owasso and Booker T are comparable.  Booker T has a better defense though....and maybe more talent (Owasso has the numbers though).  But who else has the West beaten?  No good teams in the Central and no other regional powers.    NLR can atleast say they beat Whitehaven, a team that'll probably at the very least get to the Semis in the biggest class in Tennesseee and they have over a doze D1 athletes on their roster.    NLR ran over them.

While Fayetteville, Bentonville and Bentonville west will be intriguing matchups for NLR.  As of right now I'll take NLR to win against all of them.  Fayetteville and West would hit some big plays on them but I don't think they are stopping NLR.    Bentonville's a harder matchup because they are more balanced and play decent defense but I couldn't say they'd beat them right now....especially if they aren't as good as last year's team. 

Also I don't remember NLR being heavily favored in 2016.   Fayetteville was the favorite the whole year because they had a loaded team.   If anything NLR overachieved that year because they were breaking in a new coach and they were also a young team.   There wouldn't of been any reason for NLR to be a heavy favorite because the West had won like the last 10 state championships before that.  The best they got was that it would be a competitive game and I think it was for a close to a half.   But using that game is not a good comparison to today.   

Fayetteville isn't close to be as talented as that team and NLR is a better team more disciplined to this year.
IMO the West division just doesn't want to give credit to the Central.  The Central has the best team and top to bottom are the better division.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Injured Player Protocol
« Last post by Trojanbird on Today at 10:18:01 am »
Maybe they should just turn the stadium lights off during injury timeouts!  That way the fans could not see who is kneeling or standing, the players could do whatever they want to do.  Perhaps go to the concession stand!
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