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5A Basketball / Re: 5a Top 10
« Last post by Neckred on Today at 12:37:53 pm »
Is the girl from Batesville a Senior? They drop to 4a next year.
I think she is a junior.  Some very good girls teams dropping to 4A next year and most have all starters coming back. 
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Foreman Improvement
« Last post by ThreadWatcher on Today at 12:34:31 pm »
Idk what forga ran but forga didn't have a better time at the state meet keep in mind batey was a soph when all of the times he has recorded took place .. the Lowery kid was very fast " I still don't think faster than batey" but he was also much lighter than batey if I remember right
I don't believe being lighter than Batey has anything to do with who is faster. Fast is fast, right?
I wish he would just ignore me.. lol

He might, if you'd buy him a letter jacket to go along with his ring!
Trust me.. i believe he will be very successful at the next level. He just seems to have the it factor. But nothing is a given at the SEC level or any other big time conference he decides to play in.

I agree.  So much more goes into being great at the college level.  It's not just talent.   i.e. Michael Dyer
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Foreman Improvement
« Last post by Eslim03 on Today at 12:27:58 pm »
Well he went and played baseball in college. But the Forga kid from Ida last years times were still faster than Batey’s times weren’t they? Not taking anything away from the young man now he is still a burner. Just asking...

Well I know batey’s time in prelims at the state meet was the fastest in the 100 all year but he sweaked his hampstring and ended up 3 in the finals. He did not compete in the 200 but if you would do a little research on track times last year it’s documented. I’m pretty sure he ran a 10.99 in the pre-lims then a 11.26 in the finals of the state track meet.
3A Basketball / Re: Top 10 3A Boys
« Last post by ABC™ on Today at 12:25:46 pm »
What's going on in Prescott? Saw where they had started 0-5.
3A Basketball / Re: Scores Week of 11/27
« Last post by Hitman Warrior23 on Today at 12:25:43 pm »
Hitman23, your girls are impressive on the court, the oldest is a straight beast at PG, but I'm trying to get the comments in this thread straight. Your youngest is playing SR high ball at travel team tournaments/showcases? I may have misread? I'm not being hateful at all, just genuinely curious.

Yes she has last two years, smaller ones like prove it on the court, and the Dan Olson one in Nw Arkansas. And yes she does more then hold her own.
Class 6A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Bohanon Vs. Noland
« Last post by DoYouKnowWhoIThinkIam on Today at 12:24:47 pm »
Seen Noland 3 times have not seen Bohannon except on HUDL. I've watched Clemson over the years and although Morris was gone when Watson rushed for 1,000 the fact that he recruited a kid with that kind of skill set tells me that's ideally what he wants. Like any good coach what he runs is based upon the personnel he has. Now that he doesn't have a dual threat QB he changed his playbook some. Noland is not a dual threat QB. As long as Morris runs the plays that he can run he can do fine but I gurantee you the whole 4-5 years Noland is up there Morris will be looking for a true dual threat QB.

Troy Aikman signed with OU with Switzer running the option offense which Switzer changed because of Troy. Morris could do the same although it wouldn't be near as drastic. As we know Troy eventually transferred. I was only suggesting that Noland at least consider looking at an offense that highlights his talents.

So you think Morris's offense is geared solely towards a dual threat QB?   

Since we're using the word "guarantee" so liberally.......I can "guarantee" that if Conner Noland needed to run the ball more, then he could.  Go back and look at tape on him.  Against Texarkana, Eldo, Southside.  He's not got 4.3 speed, but the kid has wheels and can run the ball if needed.  Greenwood just didn't need that from him.  Nor does Greenwood's offense depend on the QB running the ball a lot.  Much like Morris's offense.  Cole Kelley will do well with the new offense.  I believe Noland and the other QB's will all do well with the new offense.  The only guy i can't see running it well is Storey.  I'm not sure he has the ability to run.  But, i've not seen him in person either.    I can also "guarantee" that Morris will play to his strengths and not be pining away for the next Boyd or Watson.  He adjusts and tweaks his offense.  That's what his calling card is.    BTW, the majority of my thoughts on Noland running Morris's offense is based on what I've heard Rick Jones say.  Jones knows Morris, and obviously knows more than any of us knows about Noland and what he's truly capable of.  If I was a betting man, Rick Jones's advice might be bet worthy. 
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / CLASS 2A CHAMPIONSHIP CAPSULE
« Last post by BarclayAlmanac on Today at 12:23:49 pm »
Head coach: Mike White
(114-41 overall and in 13 years at Mount Ida)
Playoff appearances: 25
Playoff record: 26-22
State championships: (2) 2016, 2007
State championship games (3rd)
2016 defeated Hampton, 27-26
2007 defeated Bearden, 17-16
FEARLESS FACTS: White is a Mount Ida graduate. … Mount Ida is playing in just its second-straight state championship game and third overall. … The Lions have been decided underdogs in its two previous state championship games, beating Hampton, 27-26, last year, halting a two-point conversion with 1:55 left, and beating Bearden, 17-16, in 2007 in one of the biggest upsets in state championship game history with a 22-yard field goal with 22 seconds left. … Both of Mount Ida’s championship wins were on sunny Saturday afternoons. … With 40 wins, this is the winningest senior class in school history. … Nine weeks ago, Mount Ida beat Foreman, 36-7, and went on to win the 2A-7 with the win. … In that game, neither team completed a pass with Foreman misfiring on all six attempts while Mount Ida did not attempt a pass while rushing 62 times for 395 yards and five touchdowns. … The Lions run the ball with 5,014 yards and 77 touchdowns on the ground while passing for just 426 yards and six scores. … Jonathan Lagrange leads Mount Ida’s rushing attack with 1,279 yards and 26 scores.

Head coach: Mark King
(53-45 overall in 9 years, 20-5 in 2 years at Foreman)
Playoff appearances: 14
Playoff record: 10-13
State championships: none
State championship games (1st)
FEARLESS FACTS: King is in his second year at Foreman after spending four years as head coach at Horatio and three at Parkers Chapel. … The Gators are making their first appearance in a state championship game after winning its first semifinal game ever as well last week over Salem. … Foreman has won 12 games this season, which is the most since the 1956 team won 10. … This group of seniors won just one game as sophomores. … Like Mount Ida, Foreman prefers to run the football, rushing for 4,743 yards and 72 touchdowns in 13 games while throwing for just 473 yards and five scores. … Quarterback Kyren Batey guides the Flexbone offense with 1,832 yards and 32 touchdowns on just 138 carries. … C.J. Green has added 860 yards and nine touchdowns on the ground while Isaac Carver has run for 752 yards and 11 touchdowns. … Foreman has committed just 11 turnovers this season while forcing 24.

4A Basketball / Re: Top 5 4A Boys Teams
« Last post by ABC™ on Today at 12:21:06 pm »
Looks like Warren has beat McGhee and Junction city so far.
That's two good teams to open things up against.

Nashville has played some really bad teams so far.  Finally get a game Friday at Prescott.  Warren will be by far the best team Nashville has played.  Interested to see if Nashville is as good as they look or if its just the lack of competition.
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