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Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Rison @ Barton
« Last post by MR#1 on Today at 01:36:41 am »
The 1990 State Championship game is probably the one that folks remember the most as Rison ended an incredible Barton winning streak (63 games) as they beat a very, very good Barton team.

Also, I think Rison beat Barton in the 1995 State Championship game as well. (I could be wrong on that one.)
Thanks for the play by play Trackster! Can anyone tell me when was the last time that Alma was shut out at home? My guess is a long long time ago???
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Best possible upsets tonight
« Last post by Digger#23 on Today at 01:35:20 am »
Neither have the Miners. Js
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Jc Vs Hector @Henderson University
« Last post by Monsta on Today at 01:29:10 am »
Will this be a upset or will the guys roll big? Jc by 14
Class 6A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Benton vs Greenwood
« Last post by Oldbadger on Today at 01:24:12 am »
This is the last I will say on the subject. It has nothing to do with the game or the players. Greenwood is a good team and did beat Benton fair and square. I am just saying that the score was 55 to 33 with less than five minutes left the coach should have put the second team in and ran out the clock. If they scored great. I would not have said a word. Benton could not have scored 4 tds in five minutes. You guys are fighting so hard to justify it that your response tells me you actually agree. You don't have to get tacky and call me names. That only shows a lack of class on your part. Your coach is a great coach, I would never attack that aspect. I just felt that he was making a statement and he shouldn't have. I'm from Arkadelphia, I have good friends in Benton. I follow the team. I was there. Great game! I hope our teams meet again. I will be there if they do.
Bauxite can throw, but why should they?  When the run works,  why stop.  So many never gave the Miners a chance.  Bauxite had 4 turnovers and the Senators capitalized 3 times.  Bauxite had 3 takeaways which brought them back.  It was a very exciting game between two good football teams.  Bauxite proved they are tough and they have arguably one of the best coaching staffs around.  This was no fluke,  Bauxite is legit.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 8-4A week 9
« Last post by Crossett Eagle on Today at 01:11:31 am »
West Helena by 14
Star City by 7
Dumas by 35
Warren by 14
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Crossett vs West Helena
« Last post by Crossett Eagle on Today at 01:08:37 am »
West Helena defeats SC 24-13 as expected but I don't think anyone actually expected Crossett to give Hamburg a run like we did tonight in a 21-6 loss.
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Rivercrest at Jonesboro Westside
« Last post by ISU7 on Today at 01:08:36 am »
1st off congrats Westside
2nd Iím still not choosing any of my boys for anyone else
3rd Our coaching staff isnít going anywhere, either get behind us or seek life elsewhere! The playcalling was on!! Not taking care of the football and not making 1-2 key stops got us, totally different ballgame if we do what weíre suppose to
Agree now its time too regroup.
Good game Warriors.
After the Whistle / Re: Bauxite Miners(String Thread)
« Last post by JacketFan on Today at 01:04:13 am »
Wrong thread you mean!
Wrong turn, you mean
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