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Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 2018 8-2A
« Last post by bulldoghistorian on Today at 02:53:12 pm »
Big team camp in Rison on Tuesday. Looking forward to some updates from that.

 J.C., Rison, Star City PC,  Bearden & HG. May be more
Any updates yet?
1. Pulaski Academy - Champs until proven otherwise, as many will say. Might this actually be the year.

2. Morrilton - Probably has the best or 2nd best player in 5A

3. Wynne - I have no idea what they have coming back. But they are Wynne.

4. Batesville - Seems like a good time for them to cycle up.

5. Harrison - They lost a few studs, but have had some great junior high classes.

6. Texarkana (Arkansas High if you will) - I believe they will hit their stride fast in 5A.

7. McClellan - I don't know what they have returning, but they've been so consistent.

8. Alma - I think they use their offensive line and tradition to stay top ten all year.

9. Maumelle - Other than ending on a good note last year, I don't have much other than I was told they were young last year and had opportunities to beat some good teams.

10. Camden Fairview - Having one of the top, if not the top, players in 5A has to mean something. They also seem to be hitting their stride again.

Just missed for me: Parkview, Little Rock Christian
When did folks start paying attention to calpreps? I'm sure that California bunch knows a lot about Arkansas.
Proud Buck was the first I saw using them and he is famous now I hear.
I did say "looking like" and did not say positive. According to my cousin's brother-in-law's hairdresser's father who goes to church with a guy who mows the yard at the superintendent's former bff... one has already decided to return to Rivercrest and I will not discuss the circumstances of the other in a public forum.
I know Kam Turner will I'm not sure about JD Winda. But we'll see
I’ll do the bottom ten football teams in 3A

Two Rivers Pee-Wee football
Two Rivers Girls Basketball
TR track and field
TR boys golf
TR Beta club
2014 TR football team
2013 TR quiz bowl
TR hockey
TR/Jamaica bobsled exchange program
TR varsity football
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Rivalry renewals
« Last post by #1 Hog fan on Today at 01:29:34 pm »
The answer is in your post. “3 of the 4 times they played...”. While it’s true they have had some great games, 4 games does not make a rivalry. Had they been in the same conference or scheduled each other as noncon when Greenwood moved up, then maybe a rivalry could grow. But also a rivalry needs some wins on both sides. Camden’s best shot at beating Greenwood was in 2010 and didn’t finish. Since then, do you think Camden has had a shot at beating Greenwood?

Greenwood has dominated Alma as of late. This is true. But it all goes in cycles. Alma dominated arguablely the 80s and 90s. In 10 years time, Alma could be the power and Hold a streak over Greenwood.
oh ok we’re saying by schedule and how many times they played eachother etc that makes sense. Cf should’ve won in 2011 they very well could’ve won in 2012, and possibly 2013, but I understand how y’all are looking at it. It would’ve been a smart idea to play eachother as a non conference everyone loves watching them play against eachother when they play it’s a different energy and the fan bases are wild!
I saw Clinton, CHG, and Rison play last year(and many others). How is Rison not in the race here? I think Rison would steam roll Clinton just from what I saw last year.
Clinton only lost 1 game last year and that was to Junction City 43-50!!!!  I think there solid #3 starting out.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Rivalry renewals
« Last post by The_Pioneer on Today at 01:24:15 pm »
SS will not play Batesville, they have been offered but refused. Their content to speculate about how they are equal on message boards. They want no part of that. I guess they are happy beating monsters like Cave City and thumping their chests.

Add to that, word in coaching circles is that SS's coach is moving on in a year or two.  They won't have the level of talent that's currently there very often so if its not happening now, it never will.  Now, a former Pioneer is on the staff at SS now so it COULD happen.  I'm not overly enthusiastic about playing the little brothers, but pounding them down and shutting up their delusional fanbase would be fun.
Killer Crossover / Re: Shot Clock Gaining Steam
« Last post by WarriorFan on Today at 01:23:58 pm »
As for the conditioning part, if the the quarters were extended or two halves. I would think it would allow coaches to develop more players. They wouldn't have to play all the allotted time. More substitutions maybe?
I saw Clinton, CHG, and Rison play last year(and many others). How is Rison not in the race here? I think Rison would steam roll Clinton just from what I saw last year.
Just like when Mcgehee dropped down from 4a and weren't in any picks. Not many on here have seen Rison ever.
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