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Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hampton Hosts Prescott
« Last post by bobthebuilder on Today at 10:46:05 am »
In the name of being fair and open minded I would like to know from dog nation what are realistic goals for this years team? To show that I am not trying to bait you guys I will comment on my beloved Dragons. If you look at a lot of people's top ten you see Junction show up in the top five. I will not put this team on that pedestal until they show me what they are made of. The past two years our team has been judged on the 2012-2014 teams success. The production of those teams were a curse in many ways. For me we have too many unknowns to give this team that street cred. We have a lot of good players and a few with potential to be great but they don't get a pass from me because of past dominance.
Basically, my goals are no different than yours.  Hampton's Juniors are a super talented bunch...they have put in the work in the off season and are bigger and stronger for sure.  There are a few players that can be that explosive game changing type of player.  Will that fulfill itself on the field?  Who knows...time will tell.  I have seen kids who were skinny, lanky players last year commit to the weight room and now look like genuine football players.  I've also seen a few 9th graders commit to the weight room and if they maintain that committment, will be monsters next year.  Practices have looked good, but only time will tell on the season.
JC wins
I understand jc an winning program but you guys must forgot carpenter is not the coach for them anymore they have an new coach and offensive system after you been running  same plays on offense and defense since 7th grade it's gone take a lot of getting use to that no huddle fast pace offense that the new coach has I see them being OK but not very good this year
Great idea.

Some stories I could think of off the top of my head:

Alma Boys/Girls Basketball 2005

Magazine Boys Track 2012

Magazine Football 2010

Hampton/Mount Ida this year. (I'm not sure how positive you could stay with that one)
1A Basketball / Re: Greers Ferry Lake
« Last post by JimmyChitwood on Today at 09:42:55 am »
PSA to anyone that knows any topographers or cartographers or any thing of the sort. I spent last weekend on Greers Ferry Lake and I have to say that whoever names lakes got it wrong. What makes the Great Lakes so great anyway? I am petitioning my representatives to change the Great Lakes to The Lakes, while changing Greers Ferry Lake to "The Great Lake". Lets see- World Class High School, Top Notch Facility (Brady Hipp Backboard Arena), great lookin women, fishin, party cove, Jenssens, etc. I mean even JFK and Bill Clinton have both been to the darn Site.  Backboard- pose this to the inner circle to gain some support.
I have to agree with you on Janssen's it is the best place to eat in the area.
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 2017 Top 10
« Last post by Monsta on Today at 09:36:33 am »
No they won't. You don't replace 6 starters on a 3a team with coach speak.
well then excuse my French but they are going to be feces
Jc by 21 again this year
Class 3A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 2017 Top 10
« Last post by Oldman on Today at 09:33:02 am »
Tough Loss For The Team..Somebody Will Step Up
No they won't. You don't replace 6 starters on a 3a team with coach speak.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hampton Hosts Prescott
« Last post by Monsta on Today at 09:31:35 am »
Wolfs up by 60 at The Half..No Hermits To Save Them This Year ;D ;D
Everyone in here already know who they are scrimmaging!?
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