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Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: 2017 All State
« Last post by CoolBreeze on Today at 06:55:40 pm »
I find it interesting that the pitcher who shut out the powerful Greenland offense in the 3A finals did not make All-State.
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: 2017 Baseball Jobs
« Last post by OB11 on Today at 06:52:21 pm »
Kelly out at Marion and Prater in?

Anyone else heard this?
2A Basketball / Re: Magnet Cove Girls Open
« Last post by PapaHog on Today at 06:31:38 pm »
Again, maybe she was bad, but that's not the point. The point is that MC has had 3 openings this year and all 3 times y'all crazies have gotten on here and trashed either the former coach or the new hire. I'll get out of coaching before I ever work at MC.
Arkansas High School Softball / Re: 2017 Softball Jobs
« Last post by OB11 on Today at 06:20:56 pm »
Arkansas High School Baseball / Re: 2017 Baseball Jobs
« Last post by OB11 on Today at 06:19:45 pm »
Arkadelphia and Trumann added to the list.
Who is Beardens Head Coach? I haven't heard much, football wise from Btown in a while. Last real good team I remember them having was that 2009-10 team. Beat my Bears in the semis. Battle of the Bears. How's that program looking tho?
The players (for Bearden's team camp) was not a mandatory show up, but coaches had commitments,  that it would not be a problem.
6 or 7 of the committed, no showed, including most of the skilled players, including all of the RB's.
Tyler Berry had to switch to RB at times.
Most of the camp, you saw our wide receiver QB.
With only half our team showing, I can't tell you what we have, other than our O line is what I've been saying.
 Pitch & catch is better than we have seen in years, but RB's is an unknown, because no one showed. Whoever filled in yesterday at RB, showed that even with 14 players, Bearden is back in 2017!
looks like they aren't very dedicated bc if Hamptons wasn't mandatory we still would have had 30 show up things not looking good in bearden
Vs bearden
Vs haynesville

Good deal hadnt heard if they were keeping Haynesville on the schedule
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: HAMPTON FOOTBALL
« Last post by Cheek on Today at 05:14:42 pm »
It's reality bro. Without Monta last year you would have won 3 games maybe four

Agree 100 percent.  If anyone else scored besides Monte it was because everyone was keying on him. 
3A Basketball / Re: Benton Harmony Grove Girls
« Last post by fann07 on Today at 04:15:02 pm »
HG did make a hire, it's a woman is all I've heard... Think it will be a good fit for them, someone with high school head coaching experience. Good luck to Benton Harmony Grove

You think it will be a good fit for them and all you have heard heard is it's a woman???? Doesn't take to much to make you happy lol.
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