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Welcome to Fearless Friday
Welcome to FearlessFriday
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Rumor coming from school officials is that Superintendent and School Board have decided not to replace the spot on Coach Harrison's staff. Sad for our kids. When Harrison got there they had him and 5 assistants next year it will be him and only 3 assistants for senior high and junior high.
Arkansas High School Soccer / Re: Soccer Rules Changes - 2017-2018
« Last post by WillC on Today at 11:01:28 pm »
I'll have to echo what Arbitro said about enforcing the color rules. We've all seen home teams in colored shorts.
First off, thank you for your service, IYG.

Secondly, we are glad to have you back. Need some of your posts and humor around here. Don't you miss your Alma buddies?

Great to be back. Sure love Friday night lights. Thanks Trackster, VHSC2, and PA DAD. Just doing what I need to do. Can't wait to see them Eagles do some West stompin especially on Briar and Panther Blue. That's all that matters beat Briar each season. LOL!

Anyway I would like to see the new AD get BB and SH Bears back on the schedule. Some really close proximity games with full stands on both sides.
the only ouch is 27k in posts on ff #getalifeboy

Bearden had 14 players at Harmony Grove's Team Camp this afternoon. Torched 5-A Camden Fairview's 60+ player team!
1A Basketball / Re: Way too early best team in 1A
« Last post by ballmember on Today at 10:39:33 pm »
Eagle Mom, I hope you all aint breathing some of that funny smoke
Is the new coach even here yet? A little early for me to be making predictions. We will have some talent but I am not sure what scheme they will be used in so I will wait. PB I am saying we are beating Smackover.😎 Winning last year with us being the big time under dog I just got to go out on that limb 😳.

yeah but those rivalry games

the only ouch is 27k in posts on ff #getalifeboy
Only weakness I can think of is several players that won't get as much pt as they would if they where at bearden
you right they would be on beardens third string
You have no clue what kind of work these boys put in every day
Best conditioned team y'all will face
best conditioned before summer, so i guess ya'll gonna pick 100 buschels of tomatoes a day for off season
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