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Just watched the highlights. Wow.
Monday Morning Quarterback / Re: House Bill 1474
« Last post by MikeDiesel™ on Today at 04:34:00 pm »
But if he lives in the school district he wants to play in, that rule doesn't apply. He gets to attend one school (his home school) and play for another (the public school). I believe that should not happen. Kids should play for the school they attend, not the district they live in.

Do the ASMSA kids still play football  for Hot Springs?  I know they did a few years ago.  That would be the same thing. 

I personally like the fact that home school kids can participate in sports with their district school.  Now, can we make the same argument that home school kids can play for a private school's team if they live within a certain radius of the school?  I guess if they sit out the transfer year maybe?

After the Whistle / Re: Travel Chat
« Last post by ricepig on Today at 04:33:23 pm »
Anyone ever used Allegiant Air? I have booked the early summer vacation, but contemplating a super cheap one in early September. Allegiant Air is unheard of cheap.... So cheap I am reluctant to use it haha.

Yeah, I've flown them a few times, just an airline, haha.
5A. Blytheville - 506.333
5A. Little Rock Christian - 410.000
5A. Pulaski Academy - 301.000

4A. Little Rock Mills - 497.333 - Football 1
4A. Monticello - 495.333 - Football 2

I sure did think Blytheville was going to drop down this time.  We need one of those big schools to split real quick I guess :)
2A Basketball / Re: Spring Hill Boys Coach job opening
« Last post by BigBob on Today at 03:46:34 pm »
Around as in SW Arkansas. He is well respected around the state.
2A Basketball / Re: Spring Hill Boys Coach job opening
« Last post by PapaHog on Today at 02:58:51 pm »
"Around" is a small distance if Kelton is one of the best around. Always average at best in Delight and when Emmet and Delight closed he lucked into all of that talent coming together. That doesn't make him the best around. He's not even the best coach at his own school for that matter.
After the Whistle / Re: Travel Chat
« Last post by beach bum on Today at 02:33:19 pm »

They might have a pilot from one of the Holiday Inn Express commercials if you know what I mean haha.
After the Whistle / Re: Travel Chat
« Last post by beach bum on Today at 02:32:17 pm »
AMerican has changed my outgoing fight 3 times already.

Going XNA to Washington DC for a week in June.  Taking in the whole thing and 3 Braves vs Nationals games

Maybe I need to not ignore the few emails that have been sent to me from the airline.... I might be in the same boat and need to pay attention better.
All I can say is wow after last nights 6-0 win over Honduras. Panama won't be as easy especially in the warmer weather down there. I quit posting on here after I went into a euphoric coma from the offensive clinic being displayed. I would be happy with a clean 2-0 type win on Tuesday. We are so lucky to have a player like Pulisic wearing the stars and stripes for the next decade or so.
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