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....ok, whatever that means
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Parkviewís Band
« Last post by Suzuki Libation Nation on Today at 01:17:24 am »
The Parkview band's Woodwind section is superlative!!!! And the dang percussionists are freaking incredible! Go you awesome Drum Major you are also fabulous!!!
I think NLR is without question the team to beat.   

The West is in a bit of a down cycle the last couple years.   Thatís not to say that on any given Friday no west team would stand a chance, but any team Iíve seen in the West would have to bring their A+ game to have that chance and scheme would have to be a factor. 

Bentonville and MAYBE Fayetteville are the only two teams from the West who could even think about it.   

Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: The Burg @ Hackett
« Last post by Suzuki Libation Nation on Today at 01:02:21 am »
Have the Burgers ever won a District Title or been to the Semifinals? IDK Just asking? Chokeville USA IMHO..... No, in my
Arrogant Opinion.....
Hatchets    36
Karst Dwellers  34
Class 7A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Van Buren @Har-Ber
« Last post by Suzuki Libation Nation on Today at 12:53:32 am »
Martin Van Buren 39
Trampoline Boat Docks 22
Whaddaya think penguins?
Where are they playing?
They are playing at Magazine in the now renowned Rattler Bowl! Winner gets to eat snake meat!
Grindwood 50
Gentle Ben 2000 pounds 21
Red dog! Red Dog! RED Dog! RED DOG! Be ready Lamar That dadgum REDDOG is gonna be there all night long!! Did I mention RED DOG!
Class 4A Bulletin Board Material / Re: 4-4A pick em week 9
« Last post by x14113 on Today at 12:30:18 am »
It's looking like rain once again this week.

Not sure it'll impact the playoff picture much, though...

Subiaco @ Dardanelle (35)
Considering everything going on, there have to be few teams that were ever as distracted as the Lizards are right now. Thankfully, looking ahead to Elkins is probably no longer one of them. A 10-win finish is a very real possibility in Dardy, and the potential showers likely won't do the Trojans any favors.

Dover @ Ozark (35)
So much for the Wing-T enjoying a long-term resurgence--after running it with some success over the last five years, Greg Smith has once again changed horses at midstream and is bringing the Spread offense that was enjoyed in seasons previous back to Pirate Country. Still, being at least six months behind everyone else in establishing your offensive identity won't do you any favors, especially in the face of a Hillbilly side looking to stay in the driver's seat. Look for Jeremie Burns to secure his golden milestone win on Ozark's senior night.

Pottsville (15) @ Elkins
The Elks have been judged by Mena, and were found wanting. Allowing a team to score its season-high is a terrible look for a defense that needed to answer its doubters going forward, and the depth issues creeping up make them look all the more vulnerable. Not helping them is the foreign look coming to town this week; even though they've seen similar run-first styles, this is the first time most (if not all) of these Elks will have faced the Dead-T, and the Apaches are capable of using it not only to tire opposing defenses (through possession and stalwart drives), but could also indirectly affect opposing offenses (said drives will keep them sidelined, which threatens to disrupt them). The key will lie in how often the home offense will convert on whatever opportunities come their way.

Waldron @ Mena (28)
Speaking of season-highs, the Bearcats seem to be doing a pretty good job putting their early struggles behind them, scoring more points in the past two weeks than in the first six combined. A reprisal of this surge shouldn't be too hard in the face of the worst defense in the conference. This is the best chance since Week 4 for the Bulldogs to make a playoff statement, but they will need to win by a convincing margin to stay in the playoff race.
Class 5A Bulletin Board Material / Re: LRCA at White Hall
« Last post by Crossett Eagle on Today at 12:27:15 am »
Wow Crossett fans weighing in on a 5A matchup.
We were supposed to have played White Hall week 2 but severe storms stopped the game. Bulldogs are a good football team, but I think LRCA will be ready for this one and will pull away from White Hall.
Class 2A Bulletin Board Material / Re: Hazen vs Earle
« Last post by IdaLions on Today at 12:11:23 am »
Batey is 5'6" at  best who's recruiting him as a quarterback he very good in 2A at QB Paul Simmons for Ashdown was QB in 90 he was a3 all American linebacker at Harding University and is now head coach in high school players play out of position so the superior athletes have the ball plenty of good QB's at 5'11" how many at 5'6 ( I think Batey is very good watched him championship game last year) so what's ur point

I can tell you right now, iíve played Batey 4 times in my career. and he is not 5í6😂 granted he is short for a D-1 Prospect, but he is 5í9 or 5í10.
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